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App description: Help the endangered Pubbles survive! Make them multiply while defending them from menacing birds, black holes, and other hazards they encounter!

- unique gameplay, easy to pick up but hard to master!
- cute, colourful, HD graphics.
- runs very smoothly even on older devices.
- groovy soundtrack.
- special objects to collect and use.
- classic mode with 27 challenges across 6 different worlds.
- competition mode with online leaderboard!

jc_lounge's comments:
Boo Radley Games are excited to announce a totally fresh new Action-Puzzle game called PubbleBop! Check out some of the gameplay in this video:

Visit the Official PubbleBop Page for more info and follow us on FaceBook.

We hope you enjoy PubbleBop!

Julian Crooke
07-16-2011, 08:27 AM
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thank you for making this free!!!

I ended up getting, and REALLY REALLY like it... =oD

here's my iTunes review...

"you pop bubbles... pop 3 or more and more bubbles shoot out...

There's different levels, and an endless challenge mode... it's not a bad game really. There's nifty little powerups and obsticles... I'm enjoying it. Thank you devs for making it free!! =oD

If they added more modes... like... power up mode (giving us a LOT of power-ups), obsticle mode (lots of black holes and other obsticles... well... more than usual...), hyper mode (or something... making it so that poping 3 bubbles spits out double the bubbles it normally would...), hard mode (make us have to tap 5 bubbles or something before they start shooting out more bubbles, or make it so that after 3 bubbles pop, only more bubbles are shot out every 2 or 3 bubbles... I dunno...) - it would give this game A TON of replay value...

But as it is now... it's not too bad.. recommend it if you're into strategy or bubble popping games... =oD"

WOOTWOO!!! I really would like to see more modes... but really, that's my only suggestion... this game is pretty sweet for a bubble popper... probably the best bubble popper game I've ever played actually. =oD

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07-16-2011, 08:56 AM
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No worries syntheticvoid, glad you like it!

Please tell your friends, and thanks for your interesting suggestions!

07-16-2011, 08:57 AM
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no problem-o! =oD

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