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App description: AstroNut 3D HD has great iPhone 4 and full screen iPad Graphics!

Your name is Lucky, you were sent out to space to collect Spacecorns(Acorns in space) to feed your planet(Chipmukonon). Your ship was destoryed by an Evil Squirrel named Evil Squirrel. But do you give up? NO! you must now jump through space from asteroid to asteroid to collect Spacecorns and ensure the fat cheeked future of your fellow Chipmunkononions.

This game features over 30 challenging levels!

Equipment upgrades!

Online Leaderboards! (Game Center)

Completely reprogrammed from the original game.

Hunted for nuts in the infinite universe.

Space is a harsh place..... for a Chipmunk.

The game starts off easy, allowing the user to understand the game mechanics before it gets more challenging.

Over the course of 30 levels you will be introduced and learn new elements every few levels such as Time Machines, Jet Packs, and hazardous like Comets and Gravity vortexes that fling you around.

Every 5 levels you will unlock a new item to help you pass any following level your own way.

You can check your score against others online via the in game online leaderboards system.

Welcome to Space! Have fun!

syntheticvoid's comments:

Developer's website - http://www.angryarray.com/


Youtube link | Pop Up

looks nice... gonna end up buying it, i know i am... just wish there was a gameplay vid... =oP
07-19-2011, 06:25 PM
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you always find the most random games, a flying chipmunk in space LOL...looks kinda cool.
07-19-2011, 06:30 PM
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yeah, I'm all about the more unknown games... =oP

ha... just wish there was more than 3 reviews in the appstore... and 2 of them are from people who have ONLY reviewed this game... which makes me think they're friends of the dev, or the dev himself...

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07-19-2011, 06:42 PM
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k... JUNK GAME!!!

regret buying it...

the camera is RIDICULOUS - 80-90% of the time you can't see what you need to... you spin around the asteroids, and need to press the jump button to jump to other asteroids to get to an acorn...

You're timed, and I've gone through tons of acorns without the friggin squirrel picking them up...

It's a pain, and I SHOULD HAVE NEVER POSTED IT, much less spent money on it... GRRRR!!!

Live n learn right?


yah... ^^ that's my iTunes review too... hope it helps... =oD

Oh yeah... along with mentioning this...

"First off... considering two of the reviewers here have reviewed this game... AND ONLY THIS GAME... I'm guessing they're from the dev, or friends of the dev... the third one has only reviewed two other games, one of which is called... =oO
"Astronut" - and is free... as is the other game reviewed... so probably another account set up just to rate this game..."

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07-19-2011, 06:42 PM
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Aww, got excited. Thought Astronut got an awesome update.

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07-19-2011, 06:54 PM
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ha... also, the one response on the youtube vid that says "Awesome game, well done!" is from non-other than... =oO

Kevin... the developer... =oD

gotta push your game somehow huh?

Though... if it was good enough... you'd have the players pushing it for you...

this one's gonna go free pretty damn soon... just watch... =oP

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