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iPad: Pollen Count HD by Infinite Degree / Chillingo

07-20-2011, 06:10 PM
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Pollen Count HD by Infinite Degree / Chillingo

Hi folks!

As posted in the iPhone thread here, our first game, Pollen Count HD is coming to the App Store shortly! You can read that thread for the main gist of the game, but it doesn't hurt to show off our trailer yet again:

The main addition to the HD version is the multiplayer mode. You can play co-op and versus modes across 8 different arenas and fully customise the rules of play to freely combine all of the features of the game. So it's up to you whether you want to create a laid-back co-op game, or a frantic test of who has the fastest hands. We've spent most of our play-testing time well into the night playing this, so we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed making it!

We're posting updates and screenshots daily on the run up to launch on our Facebook and Twitter pages, so go here to take a closer look:



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07-23-2011, 03:11 PM
Pollen Count HD review

I run an app review website, and would really like to review Pollen Count HD.
Give me a reply if your interested, thanks.


InfiniPixel App Review
07-25-2011, 07:19 AM
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Well as producers they probably think this title has a lot of selling potential. I'd be flattered if Chillingo were to approach our team wanting to produce one of our games. Don't think I'd take them up on that offer but I'd nonetheless be flattered haha
07-25-2011, 10:59 AM
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I'd like to actually take a moment to try and address CatapultTheCat's comment that our game is just 'Flight Control with bees' and give you an idea of our reasoning behind producing Pollen Count.

There's no doubt Flight Control has been the defacto standard for line-drawers. It invented a new mechanic, it was unique and brilliantly executed and remains great to this day. There's no denying its place in iOS gaming legend or its influence on a string of games since, including Pollen Count.

I completely understand your reaction; the core of the game does focus on the same basic path-drawing mechanic that Flight Control innovated. If you want to write it off as a cheap rip-off without ever playing it, there's little I can do to convince you otherwise.

But please understand our intention was never to produce a knock-off, but to genuinely extend the genre and innovate on top of a great established base that is particularly well suited to the touch-screen.

We saw areas of not just Flight Control, but other line-drawers that we wished were more fleshed out or developed, and felt we could do a good job of innovating there. There is plenty to find in Pollen Count that is unique and interesting; things that don't exist in Flight Control or any other line-drawer. I really believe if you try out the game you will be pleasantly surprised.

Part of the reason we've taken our time to bring this game to market is we wanted to get it right. The game contains a ton of content, we've polished it to the best ability of our small team, we've made sure it offers great value for money and has been produced with the highest attention to visual quality, sound design, difficulty curve, performance and responsiveness, etc.

It seems counter-productive to write-off any game that has ever shared a gameplay mechanic. Is Call of Duty a Doom clone? Of course not, because ~10 years of improvement and innovation has come between Doom and the modern FPS. But do they share the same basic, proven core concept - sure.

Of course, ultimately, your final judgement of where our game falls in the spectrum of knock-off to truly refreshing is your prerogative, but I'd really hope you give it an actual play before making that call. We're not all out to make a cheap buck off someone else's innovation.

Thanks for your feedback though, your comments are genuinely appreciated