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iPad: Zombies go to the ball —— Rolling Fall HD

07-26-2011, 04:49 AM
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Zombies go to the ball —— Rolling Fall HD

Zombies are scattered around every corner of the city. You must perfectly set traps to wipe them out. Now send the zombies to hell.

Rolling Fall is a puzzle game with 80 levels of 4 scenes. With relaxing music and the shrill cries of zombies, employ your techniques and strategies to unlock the levels to the end.

Rolling Fall combines realistic physics with simple, yet accurate touch controls. It is easy to play, but difficult to get good points. Cut the shackles by simply swiping your finger across them to make the dangling iron balls fall and accurately, perfectly crush the zombies beneath. It’s not always easy because you have limited traps and some zombies are not so easily accessible. Think twice before you slice, or you will end up with target being missed. Every level is different. With levels and levels unlocked, crushing zombies won’t be that easy.

Only take into consideration physic characters like gravity and friction can you give the zombies the greatest hit, otherwise, you will miss the target. The greater the hit is, the higher you will score.

Now that the touch zombies haunt only at night, you have limited time and traps, you have to make use of the fewest traps to crush the zombies with the greatest strength at the shortest time, so as to get the highest score.

Challenge your techniques with perfect physic performance.
Unlock levels with various strategies, testing your mind.
You will be exhilarated by the zombies’ droll facial expressions and their shrill cries when crushed.
There is a game center where you can compete against other players to decide the highest score.

Download Rolling Fall

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08-22-2011, 12:27 AM
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My impressions. Left a review in US iTunes store.

Behold cut the chain.

It has a hint of Cut the Rope with zombie theming.

Excellent rendering and animation (this is subtle if you don't pay attention). iPad native is always so much better than playing x2 mode.

Sound effects
The eerie sound effect is perhaps the best kept secret of this game.

This is an advanced physics game requiring careful planning to complete each puzzle. A strong hit will produce more scoring. On top of that the clock is clicking so you need to act fast to claim a spot on top of the leaderboard. Most levels cannot be completed with a single try. Getting three stars would require even more forethought and skillful timing.

An excellent physics based puzzle game rather than just another game to kill more zombies.

80 levels of gameplay will keep you entertained for hours if not days. If you are a fan of physics based puzzle game, do yourself a favor and try this out yourself.