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iPad: Tomb Sneaker Deluxe - Hint Of Budda For iPad

07-29-2011, 01:58 AM
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Tomb Sneaker Deluxe - Hint Of Budda For iPad

"Tomb Sneaker Deluxe - Hint Of Budda" is ready for sale! Risk your life for treasure and time.
New and noteworthy:
(1)."Hint" and "Solve", Budda's whisper helps you whenever trapped.
(2). Score and cost-time ranking for all rooms.
(3). In-App-Purchase support.
(4). 12 constellation adventure challenges ,with near 100 local Rooms.

Deep in the ancient royal Dynasty tomb,the spirited boy goes into the caves for treasure,the story begins ...

Budda whispers to you whenever trapped, follow the sound of your heart to survive.

Access to tons of different maze games updated everyday from people all over the world.
How about generate classic mazes from your own hands?
Challenge others all over the world with what ever room you design?
Trainning skills of getting out of room with: mummys,boxes,gates,keys,traps,coins,ropes,bombs,fi res.......

07-29-2011, 02:26 AM
budda as in buddha....

or buddabbuddabuddabudda machine gun sound effect?