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App description: Alpine Crawler Wild HD is an Off Road simulation with real-time physics.

- 3 game modes (Free Ride, Time Trial, Challenge)
- 9 cars/trucks
- 3 terrains/locations
- 30 exciting and hard levels (10 per country)
- different weather and day-night conditions (day, night, dawn, rain)
- visual effects (car-lights, car-colours, dirt)
- 5 playable drivers (both male and female)
- you can listen to music with iMusical while playing
- unique and smooth gameplay
- high-score list with many aspects

mulderek's comments:

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08-05-2011, 05:19 AM
Joined: Apr 2010
Posts: 161
Thanks for the promo code - I'm really enjoying this app, as I've enjoyed the other Alpine Crawler apps which I've bought.

The graphics looks great, especially headlights in the dark. As always the game is really fun to play. The physics is great, as ever! The gameplay has the right balance between not too easy and not too hard, and the gameplay ramps up the hardness at the right pace.

A few small suggestions:

(1) Still no fast app-switching!

(2) On the "Try again" screen, why not put the "Yes" and "No" buttons by each thumb - easier to reach than in the middle of the screen on an iPad.

(3) After finishing each Time Trial race, why not give two options: "Race again" or "Race next track"? This would save having to go through the slightly more cumbersome Desert/Tropical/City selector screen.

(4) I wish the checkpoint flags would appear on the mini-map. Especially important for the final flag. On the original Alpine Crawlers you could see where the finish was on the mini-map, because there was a really steep slope after it, but not on this one. It makes it hard to know how hard to push at the end.