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App description: The Global Crisis is coming!!!

North pole is no longer a safe place for polar bear anymore. The ice is cracking and the bears are gonna drown to the freezing deep ocean.

Join our Polar Rescue team ,help the bears from the melting ice as much as you can before your body heat gauge is empty , and don't for get to take a sip of coffee that will keep you warm and energetic through this honor swimming pool.

Collect a medal when you save 10 young polar bears, and use it to buy new swim suits that have better quality to keep you safe and warm and some more special skills.

And get a daily free medal after publish your score and rank on facebook.

Find coffee recipes to get a new cup of coffee from your north pole friends-the penguin.

Have fun with more than 30 Achievements ,and be the best Polar Rescue team on the Game center Leader board.

Please feel free to let us know if you would like anything fixed or want to comment on our game.
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poptoday's comments:
Hello everyone

Now our second game already launched on AppStore "Polar Rescue"
I just post in upcoming topic a few days ago

Inspired form the Global warming crisis that melt the iceberg in North pole, and let the polar bears have no place to stand.
Player play as a Polar rescue team to rescue the polar bear by gram and throw them to the helicopter to find them a new place to live.
Come with gamecenter support and facebook publish system which give special medal for purchase new swimsuit.

Here is the trailer

Youtube link | Pop Up

and some screenshots

And...Yes I have some Promo codes for you...enjoy

If you want to download the game
Download link Full & Lite version
full version http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/polar-rescue/id426666611?ls=1&mt=8
lite version http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/polar-rescue-lite/id438650606?ls=1&mt=8
and the facebook page www.facebook.com/polarrescue

Thank you ,wish you have more fun.

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XT6MFJ44JEP3 taken Thanks, will review on the AppStore shortly.