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App description: " Mr. BBQ... great fun, action, epic extravaganza! "

Guide the heroic Benny around the first of his missions as he heroically reclaims BBQs across 16 different levels. Help him take on murderous hordes of cats and foxes as they attempt to thwart his mission to save the pig nations bacon.

Use an arsenal of inventive weapons to distract and neutralise the enemy, whilst being careful to avoid any traps set in his path.

On your first mission as a vigilante pig moving around London, BBQ collection is the name of the game, as every BBQ counts towards your progression to the next level. And Bennys exacting standards mean that EVERY BBQ must be collected and disposed of properly. Complete the levels around Britains capital, and you may be rewarded in further levels with trips across the Atlantic to foreign climes.

ImNoSuperMan's comments:

08-10-2011, 05:19 AM
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I am surprised there hasnt been much talk on Mr. BBQ so here's my impressions.

This game came across as an interesting attempt at bringing the Bomberman experience to iOS.

Things that I liked: The whole graphical style and theme fits in quite well. The game has a lot of things going on at the same time, enemies moving around, cars that shake (instead of being static)
Enemies: I like how some of the enemies track you and can even avoid your bombs.
Sound: You hear a lot of background sounds like birds chirping, people talking, creating the effect that theres a lot of activity.
Items: I like how some of the items influence the enemy (stop them in their tracks etc)
Main Menu: Looks very nice!

One of my chief gripes is the controls: The first stage (and certain situations) had me always dying because I could not turn in time to avoid danger. It was rather frustrating. The joystick kinda encourages us to hold and turn but to make sharp turns we are better off just swiping in the required direction (not sure if you get me: you cant hold down then right and expect to turn immediately, you got to let go and swipe right to make a sharp turn)

A D-pad might do better than a joystick. Alternatively, adjust the joystick deadzone.
More SFX: Itll be great if specific sound effects are used when certain items are obtained like a rock music plays when the sunglasses are obtained
BGM: The background sounds get kinda stale after awhile, if there could be a background music playing, will help with creating a more engaging world.
Once again, OpenFeint integration, its also nice to be able to boost to friends :P

Overall rating: 4/5, get it if you like Bomberman style games
Thank you for the promo code
08-10-2011, 05:23 AM
I guess most of us didn`t know it was even coming.