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App description: Tetrominoes and pentominoes combine to create Tetrageddon (Xtreme Polyominoes - Armageddon Edition), the ultimate blockstacking experience.
Those with ADD, and a reaction time equally as short as their attention span, will come to appreciate the epic awesomeness of mixing pedestrian traffic with raining debris. Tetrageddon is just that!

Play the malicious little green blob, Minibyte, who decided to hijack a planet sized crane one sunny day, and unleash armageddon by dropping garbage of epic proportions upon an unsuspecting city.
The goal is to squish as many lo-fi inhabitants as possible, while arranging the tetrominoe shaped trash into manageable rows, but be careful! The pentominoe surprise blocks will keep you on your toes. Think fast!
If careful attention is not payed, the pedestrians will dig a tunnel through your craftily devised stack of junk in order to go about their daily business. This must be stopped once and for all...
Humans are evil. You are an alien. Unleash armageddon!
04-03-2014, 08:55 PM
Joined: Oct 2013
Location: Norwich, England
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The dev's games are always totally barmy but this is probably the most accessible of them so far. It's basically playing a massive game of Tetris in the street with everything that would entail. People walk into your path only to be flattened, birds will ricochet off your blocks, it's all heavily irreverent and great for it. It probably won't change your mind if you're vehemently opposed to Tetris but it's a good laugh nonetheless!
04-05-2014, 12:38 AM
It seems like an odd choice to go with landscape rather than portrait orientation, for a falling block game. The blocks also fall quite fast early on, and the controls aren't the greatest/most responsive, so - for me at least - it gets overwhelming fast. Interesting, but flawed.