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Frantic Frankfurt - Fastest Cardgame

08-03-2011, 06:27 PM
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Frantic Frankfurt - Fastest Cardgame

Hi guys,
I am happy that I can announce our next game after Blood Fever.
We were bored with the slowness of actual iOS solitare/tri-peek games, were you often just draw through your redraw pile to get one playable card, we see the main flaw in the actual solitare cards and rules, the games were executed well. So we picked up an old card game from our company and made an iOS version from it:

Frantic Frankfurt
Frantic Frankfurt will be for the full iOS range (standard/retina/iPad) with 126 sharp handdrawn cards and featuring (for the beginning) 4 different game modi.
And probably the best thing: It will be free to play without ads/premium content, instead an old concept brought to the AppStore again (more about it later)

Main idea:

To play cards there are only two rules, but I promise they are enough to twist your brain:

To see it in action I made a little gameplay trailer with the 60 second mode:

Youtube link | Pop Up

It is quite a bad game (my highscore is 600,000 in 60 seconds), but you should get an idea how fast it can be.
08-04-2011, 06:59 PM
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Music and Effects are finally in a state where I do not have to shame for them, I will put another trailer online later with them included.
The four modes at release will be:
Training: to discover the game and the rules with your personal trainer.
60 Seconds: in case you don't have much time and want a really fast and exciting game
60 Cards: a relaxing mode where you try do discard all you cards without redrawing
Endless: a mode for everyone who likes stress and fast discarding