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Paper Wings - 2.5D Flying Arcade

08-04-2011, 12:41 PM
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Paper Wings -

** EDIT (11-21) - Game Trailer and release date.


Paper Wings

Dear touch arcade users,

We are Tokkao, a videogame company rooted in Miami, FL (US). We just started development of a new 2.5D game for iPhone called Paper Wings. Since this is early in the development, everything is really premature now. But we want to keep the forum aware and updated throughout the development of the game. We are keeping a blog (Paper Wings on Facebook), which we'll try to update daily, whenever possible, with the details of our progress. So you are welcome to join us on Facebook and share your ideas (We highly encourage it if you want to keep up to date). Nevertheless, we will make an effort to keep this post updated with the more relevant information.

Paper Wings Trailer

Youtube link | Pop Up

Paper Wings Desert Demo Video

The mighty pumas can be seen towards the end of the video.

Youtube link | Pop Up

Broco flying in the desert

Paper Wings gameplay video

Youtube link | Pop Up

Blu flying through the city park

Paper Wings will be part of the Feather Tales Series; therefore, we are borrowing environmental elements from the previous game in the series to maintain the same look and feel (See Air Chix).
The game will feature different pilots which the player can choose to play, each with a different special skill.

We have just introduced our first pilot in the game (Jonas). Let us know what you think of the designs. We welcome your comments, they are a key element in our development process.


Introducing Jonas. Audacious and brave by nature, this little fella love the thrill of adventures and is always rushing for the next epic quest. He can manage a smooth flight, but when situations get tight, his senses kick in for an incredible adrenaline rush.
Skill: Reflex (Slow-motion)
Trait: He will never drop his hat.

In-Game Main Menu


Introducing Linda. She is lovely in every way; nothing can withstand her power of attraction. Although she knows she can fly longer than anybody, her primary interest lies in collecting all sorts of fruits and shiny objects.
Skill: Charm (Attract nearby objects)
Trait: Never leave her house without her makeup.

Jonas will not think it twice to get his wings on that golden token.

Lots of fruits! This is were Linda's ability will shine.

What is that? Is it Jonas' hat? Does it means Linda can use Jonas' powers?

Jonas flying through the beach. Hmmm, there is a blue ring, let's get it!


Introducing Blu. Blu is #1. Everything he does is just pure awesome. Being naturally cool is one of his many features. Blu has been able to created a natural energy aura which is almost impenetrable, making him the most interesting bird in the world.
Skill: Energy Shield (breaks obstacles)
Trait: The coat must match the sunglasses.

Game Features
There, we added more pictures. Those are the pictures of one of the levels. The game will feature an endless gameplay which gets progressively harder. The goal is to fly longer each time. Each character in the game has it own natural skill, which can be used by activating one of the star powers (See the bottom-left part of the in-game pictures).
Even when the power can be used at will, once the character is uncocked, the powers will be available for all characters as they collect them during a gameplay.
We will post more details as we continue with the development.

Bear with us as we keep updating our progress and thanks for your support.

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09-20-2011, 01:20 PM
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In-Game Main Menu image added.

09-20-2011, 02:04 PM
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What the... that's a terrifying looking bird as the main character. Freaking grandchild spawn of The Jabberwocky and Cthulhu...

Currently learning iMaschine and Garage Band.
10-19-2011, 06:55 PM
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Another Pilot, Linda, introduced

We are happy to introduce another pilot: Linda. We also put some more in-game pictures on our Facebook page.

Paper Wings at Facebook

We are getting excited since we are almost alpha in the development of Paper Wings. Make sure you check the other pictures we have on Facebook.
10-19-2011, 11:04 PM
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Could we have more pictures of the menu screen please. I love pictures of menu screens. Do you have a pet dog too, if so could we have a picture of that too?
10-20-2011, 12:45 PM
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Sorry about that.

Originally Posted by robiow View Post
Could we have more pictures of the menu screen please. I love pictures of menu screens. Do you have a pet dog too, if so could we have a picture of that too?
Sorry about the pictures of menus. We thought you guys might see the gallery in Facebook. Wrong assumption. I will post in-game pictures right now .
11-08-2011, 09:09 AM
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Gameplay Video Added

We has made it to Beta. Here is a gameplay video showing out hard work. The video features some of the elements that you can find in the game such as power ups, bonus sections, and more. As always, it is always nice to know what you think about the game.
Thanks for watching .
11-12-2011, 06:27 PM
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Thanks . We already sent it to Apple for review.
11-12-2011, 08:22 PM
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Looking good!