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  • Publisher: Edgar Vigdal
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPad
  • Size: 44.0 MB
  • Version: 1.46.4
  • Price: $2.99
  • Average User Rating: 5 (1)
App description: The HD iPad version of the very popular chart topping iPhone game Warblade is now available

- "Im loving this game! Just awesome!!" - AppSlappy.com
- "The best game I have ever owned...... Period!!" - Terie Mumby
- "Warblade HD is a fantastically simple yet inventively rich arcade title for the iPad." - AppAdvice.com
- "Warblade An Awesome Vertical Shooter" - reviewmyiphoneapp.com

Warblade is an arcade game with a focus on very good playability. It's a shoot'em up type of game like the old classic arcade game Galaga. Warblade is an iPad remake of my old Amiga game Deluxe Galaga. A very popular game for the Amiga computer. Warblade was voted most addictive game by Bytten.com

The Plot : An alien race is invading the earth and you must travel into space and fight the strange aliens to save humanity. That's the very simple plot of the game, but there is so much more to discover. The game is made with game play as the most important factor, fast arcade fun and lots of adrenaline pumping action.

Some of the games features:

- Updated HD graphics added.
- Game Center support added.
- 100 action packed levels
- Time trial mode with 16 extra levels!
- Online leader boards where you can compare your scores with your friends scores and see who the top players are in the world. (Game Center)
- 50 achievements for you to get. (Game Center)
- Very configurable with lots of options. Play the way you want to play!
- Advanced profile system
---- Each user of the game can have his or her own profile
---- Record your progress through the game
---- Open up locks to turn on new features in the game.
---- Fastest times
---- Highest scores
---- Highest ranks
---- How many secrets found
---- and much more...
- Auto save games
- Lots of ranks to play for
- Lots of secrets and features
- Support for the iCade arcade controller
- Life time support!
- and more...

"Im pretty excited: the App Store seems woefully short on good shoot'em up games. Warblade looks like itll be the best shoot'em up game that the iPad is going to get." - CultOfMac.com

"From the title screen right up to the end credits, Warblade simply reeks of quality. Great graphics, sublime sound, perfect playability and addictive action!!" - Gameworld

"Warblade is a fast paced shooter which combines new ideas and technology with a classic concept nearly every game player has heard of. Simple to learn yet challenging enough to keep you playing for quite some time. More, please!" - Bytten.com

"If you're a true gamer and you miss the good old days when games were about gaming and not about advancing some cheezy storyline, this is the fix you need! Simple shooting bliss to the novice, but with a wealth of tactical decisions at every turn for the advanced player. Sucks you in like a Hoover!" - 9572AD

NOTE: You do NOT have to buy any of the in app items to complete the game and get the ultimate rank. But it will make it easier.

Warblader's comments:
It's now only $0.99 for a whole week !!!!!
Ending 21.09.2011 (09/21/2011) !

My game Warblade is now available in a HD version for the iPad.
Next version will have support for the iCade cabinet. And I have to say it's an amazing feeling to play the game on the iCade!! Really great old time arcade feeling... :-)

Here is a video of Warblade HD on the iCade.


Warblade HD on App Store

08-05-2011, 10:18 AM
Joined: Nov 2009
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iCade or not, this is a great retro style shmup that should be snapped up at a buck. Particularly if you don't already have the iPhone version, and particularly if you happen to be a fan of Galaga.

08-05-2011, 11:06 AM
Joined: Oct 2008
Posts: 389
You've made me get out of bed to get the iPad now, grr.

Warbladd is seriously awesome, on any platform. Ridiculously addictive Galaga type game with power ups, bonuses, secrets, so many hidden gems.
Deffinately worth it at $9.99 or more IMO, nevermind $0.99 that's just nuts.


iPad 3G: The first personal computer.
08-05-2011, 01:03 PM
Joined: Feb 2009
Location: Wales,uk
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Bought this today, awesome game. Can't wait for the icade update.
08-05-2011, 01:37 PM
Joined: Aug 2008
Posts: 4,575
Perhaps it is just me, but that youtube video of the play with an iCade looks like it is very hard to control. The ship moves so fast that tiny touches of the stick move your ship a long way.
08-05-2011, 02:07 PM
Joined: Apr 2011
Location: Houston, TX
Posts: 3,703
I just bought this and played it for a bit. I would suggest that anyone who enjoys Galaxian type games do so as well - it is quite a treat!

Game Center: MarinasideSteve
08-05-2011, 02:09 PM
Joined: Feb 2010
Location: Hoyheimsvik, Norway
Posts: 29
Perhaps it is just me, but that youtube video of the play with an iCade looks like it is very hard to control. The ship moves so fast that tiny touches of the stick move your ship a long way.
At the start of the video I'm playing in the time trial mode. I have unlocked almost all of the time trial locks in my profile, so I start with max speed. So that is why the ship is moving so fast. If you watch at approx 3:00 you will see I start at level 26 and the ship is moving much slower. And that is not at it's slowest speed...

Edgar Vigdal
EMV Software AS - www.emv-software.com
Warblade, PocMon, DotBot, Styx, Pixie, iShooting Gallery
08-05-2011, 06:08 PM
Joined: Oct 2008
Posts: 389
Yeah, as Edgar says its a very customizable game, I've played it for four hour+ sessions before on the Mac then come back to it later and continued. Speed, Bullets and Time are all things you want to level up, it can get quite frantic.

Edgar: I hate asking Devs for things, so take it as a suggestion only, but I like the control method with Left/Right buttons and Fire. The only issue is that on the iPad I have to move my finger quite a long way to do this. Would love an option that has te left and right buttons pretty close together and easily tap able on the right hand edge with fire where it is on the left. So more like the spacing on the iPhone. Now I find it takes awhile to move between left and right.

Runs great on my iPad 2, really insanely fast even with lots of monsters everywhere.

I'm familiar with all the Warblade secrets and options but I like how you've impletemented tutorial screens for those who are new to it. Good idea.

iPad 3G: The first personal computer.
08-05-2011, 07:54 PM
Joined: Feb 2010
Location: Hoyheimsvik, Norway
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I will try to add in a new ctrl option in the next version. (version1.46.2 will be submitted tonight) I will try to make it sort of an invisible ctrl option where you hold the tombs on each side of the screen and move the left tomb just a little bit to set the left/right movement of the ship. Move it a little to move slow and move it more left/right to move faster. The right hand tomb will do the firing. Hope it made sense... :-)

I have made a little adjustment to the speed of the ship and also added a little acceleration on the iCade move option. so it takes a little bit of time before it reaches full speed. (current move speed)

Edgar Vigdal
EMV Software AS - www.emv-software.com
Warblade, PocMon, DotBot, Styx, Pixie, iShooting Gallery
08-06-2011, 02:34 AM
Joined: Feb 2009
Location: Wales,uk
Posts: 395
So the icade update has been submitted?