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App description: Endless Lines is a dynamic new take on the action puzzle game that will test your reactions and your path finding skills.


"Blitz mode - the best 60 second game you'll probably ever play" - ArcadeLife

"The core gameplay element is so blissfully simple and compelling" - Try Indie


Slide rows and columns to create paths across the board, the longer the path the more points it is worth. Add in multipliers, special blocks to help or hinder, and bonus points for chaining multiple path clears to spice things up.

Play three exciting time based game modes:

Score as many points as possible in 60 seconds. Multipliers and bombs will add you in your goal.

How quickly can you reach your target score? Three target scores make for increasing harder games. Multipliers and bombs will help, but locks will stop you moving the row and column they are on until you remove them.

Start with 15 seconds on the clock, each block cleared adds a small amount of time. How long can you survive and how many points can you score in this frantic game mode?


4.5/5 - Iphone Gamer UK
8/10 - Midlife Gamer
78% - Internet Gumshoe
73% - Arcade Life


Full Retina Support
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The Bag's comments:
Prepare for some shameless pimping...

My first indie game (I've escaped AAA game dev) has been released to the app store

Endless Lines is a block puzzle game, the short launch trailer which also serves as a bit of a how to play can explain it better than a wall of text:


and here's a short description of the control method:

You touch a block and slide left/right or up/down which moves the row or column the block is in, the board is evaluated with every move so the red blocks showing the possible/current routes across the board are always accurate. It won't clear a completed path until you lift your finger ending the move so you can skip passed a path including a single block in, say, your current column to have one with three in your current column for more points.

It's quite hard to make a puzzle game look exciting in screenshots, but here's some anyway...

08-08-2011, 03:22 PM
Game Impressions

I have no idea why this thread has no posts... This is a great game and way better than some other recent block sliding type puzzlers that have inexplicably had a load more attention and praise around here.

Three modes - Blitz (highest score in 60 seconds), Sprint (How long it takes you to reach one of 3 target scores) and Zen - a kind of endless/practice mode with no 'game over' scenario that I could see.

Get the game. If you don't like it, come back here and tell me I'm wrong, and why. Have fun!
08-09-2011, 06:04 AM
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Our first review, from the good people over at Arcade Life: http://arcadelife.wordpress.com/2011...-ios-universal

Blitz mode - the best 60 second game you'll probably ever play
Arcadelife verdict: Overall this is a fun little puzzler, more of a speed-test than actual puzzles and, for once, the time-limits feel like a deliberate game mechanic rather than a cheap way of introducing a challenge. It would be good to see some more modes introduced the core gameplay is a solid enough foundation to justify some updates and expansions.