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App description: A unique match-three brain twister, your goal playing Tripevo is to grow your tiles by matching three together until you can no longer place anymore tiles. Tripevo is a quick game to learn but very hard to master.

Go for all the achievements or try to best your friends for the highest score.


* Over 12 stages of matching for the elusive King tile
* Negative tiles offer more in-depth strategy
* Auto-Save of Progress
* Highscores to keep track of your best score
* 17 achievements to earn!

asceth's comments:
Tripevo is a unique match three brain twister for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Instead of removing matches, you grow and evolve them into the next level. After 10 moves I think you'll find yourself thinking a lot harder about where to continue to place tiles.

Tripevo is meant to be a casual game for those who like brain twisting puzzles. Each playthrough of Tripevo is different in the random picking of the next tile to place.

The goal of the game is to continue to match 3 similar tiles to grow into the next level and continue until you can no longer place anymore tiles. This is harder than it sounds as you must keep building off lower levels of tiles in order to get match your higher level.

Watch out for negative (black) tiles as they consume a place and you cannot match them. Trap them in order remove them from the board. Placement of these negative tiles and removal is key to higher scores as you'll see in the game.

Wildcards (blank tiles) match any other tile. The help section describes the *order* in which tiles are matched so be careful how you place your tiles for your combo!

## Upcoming ##

* Free version of the game without leaderboards/achievements and a score limit for those who wish to try it out.
* GameCenter integration (existing achievements will automatically transfer over)

## Release ##

Tripevo should be available in the app store today for $0.99.

Promo Codes: (I hope I'm not violating a rule by posting these in this thread, please remove if I am.)


* Note that I am the developer of this game and while not incorporated use Happy Cannibal Studios as the website/name to release it under (except in cases where I must use my legal name such as iTunes/etc)
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Worst idea ever!
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KXR9NLTRN4P4, thanks!

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Game Impressions

My just posted 5 Star iTunes review (needing to act fast before Apple realizes I gained access to the game via a promo):

A new take on the Alchemize Concept!

In this game all pieces come from the same lineage, but are just different steps in that hierarchy. Drop 3 square icon pieces in a row and you'll clear out two of the pieces but in the space of that last square icon you placed will be a new diamond icon. So now you either need to match this up with other diamond icons or work something out so, using those square icons again, a diamond piece will be created next to this first diamond (if I haven't lost you already). Once a higher evolution of icon has been created, the pool of potential pieces that can appear will increase as well making things much more trickier over time (besides simply the board getting much more crowded). The game also throws in two other pieces to help or hinder your efforts. The blank white piece which acts as a joker and the nasty minus piece that acts as an annoying unclearable obstacle until it is surrounded at which point it transforms the space it rested on into a bonus space. Clear a set of three or more pieces involving a bonus space for significantly more points than you would get ordinarily. All in all a very clever puzzle/solitaire board game with a very minimalistic approach.

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