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App description: INTRODUCTORY PROMOTION! Purchase the in-app eBook RITES OF PASSAGE for just $4.99! (Normally $9.99)

PLAY the free 3D MMO adventure Words of Power & READ the fantasy eBook, Rites of Passage in ONE SEAMLESS iPad App ecosystem! Play a Warrior Magi from the Outerworld or Underworld. Defeat monsters and Magi on quests from the eBook Rites of Passage. SEE YOUR VICTORIES written in the next eBook The Culling!

Delve deeper into the expanding Ecosystem of the MMO and fantasy eBook series that puts you at its interactive center. Play an MMO driven by the epic plot of an 11-book fantasy series, and discover immortal beings, fantastic realms, ancient history and the guarded secrets of the eBook's Mystic Realms Continuous. Help the heroes or villains, and the author will craft your victories in the next eBook of the series! Then, see new realms and quest emerge in the next MMO from the next eBook "The Culling". Continue the adventure through the 11 book series and MMO ecosystem an determine the fate of the Dynasty of the Magi!


+ Play with anyone, anywhere, anytime in a new MMO-eBook ecosystem that connects you with the author to determine the story!
+ Free to play through all 11 books and games of the Series!
+ Enormous game world
+ Unlock The ebook Rites of Passage which will allow you to unlock more content in the MMO!
+Chose sides from Rites of Passage, The Underworld or Outerworld.
+Play with friends
+ New Magic system based on ancient Egyptian mythology.
+ Compete to win quests for your side, the results of which will be included in the next book The Culling
+ Unlock Spells, Skills, and Augments (that improve abilities)
+ Multiplayer & Solo Play in Co-Op, PVP, or Solo Mode
+ Worldwide MMO Play with Millions Online
+ Plays Across Wi-Fi, Edge, 3G or 4G Networks

+ Interactive map of the realms linked to character position and Codex of the Magi
+ Interactive illustrations;
+ Glyph Hunt,
+ Magi Sight
+ 3-D models

Rites of Passage

All humans possess enchanted souls capable of great magic.
Yet, our powerful souls sleep, and we remain ignorant of the kingdoms of the Under World and Outer World warring around us. Only a few prepare for the Under World invasion, when the sorcerers and the undead will cross the Veil into our world, to cull the enchanted and feed on their greatest prizeour sleeping souls

Wake up.

Faro, a young geek in the hood, just wants to survive the summer in gang-ridden East Orange, NJ without getting shot. Stalked by violent gangs, he escapes to the museums of New York City, seeking solace in art. At night, Faro dreams of magic, riding an enchanted Egyptian ship captained by Han-re the Sphinx upon a Van Gogh Starry Night sky river, to Outer World New York City. Faro awakes without memory of his dreams until he stumbles onto Cian, a beautiful girl clothed in secrets with an unearthly sense of whats going to happen next. Cian leads him to the Van Gogh painting Starry Night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The painting comes alive like the sky river in Faros dreams, and Cian awakens Faros mystic memories with a enchanted kiss. Faro learns hes a Magi from an ancient order called the Dynasty and Cian is an enchanted muse and his soul mate.

Traveling again to Outer World New York City, he must survive the deadly Rites of Passage to become a Warrior Magi. Cian, haunted by visions of the Under World invasion and treachery, resists the attraction between Faro and Her. Faro peruses her and her secrets as the magic world and Waking World collide and the Under World begins to cull the enchanted. Hunted, Faro must use an epochs old dark power to survive and unravel the secrets, traps, and betrayals set for himwithout losing Cian or his own soulbefore all is lost.

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spacechimpmedia's comments:
Dynasty of the Magi by PoetCode is the first ever MMO and eBook together in one free iPad app that allows the gamer to work directly with the author to shape the outcome of the eBook's plot. Check it out!

Dynasty of the Magi in iTunes

Dynasty of the Magi Video
12-18-2012, 04:28 PM
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Looks pretty badass will be trying

Edit: Not in the Itunes store atleast on an iPod Touch 4g, just figured out its an iPad only App well won't be trying that till I get mine back, someone tell me how it is?

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