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iPhone: Tetris+Lines=TetraLines!

08-13-2011, 07:45 AM
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Many months in the making and it's finally here!

Dear player, Welcome to the world of TetraLines.
This world includes best of Tetrix, Lines and other puzzle games. If you like such classic games, TetraLines is your choice.

We attempted to merge rules of Tetrix and Lines. The final result and rules are described on pictures. Please, take a look at screenshots.

* Classic 3-match game for Tetrix and Lines fans.
* Ease to use user interface.
* Records system.

iTunes link:
it's just for 0.99$!

3 promo codes:
Who will take this promo codes, please, give your short opinion about this game.
08-13-2011, 08:00 AM
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Took KXJ7NMMPFNH9. Will leave comments soon

08-13-2011, 08:09 AM
Joined: Feb 2011
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Fun. Would suggest having an option to speed it up a bit since there's no timelimit or anything. Plays like an easy version of drop 7. Would like to see some sort of progression or powerup or maybe this can be a different mode?

I could see playing it in small spurts.
08-13-2011, 08:09 AM

08-13-2011, 09:25 AM
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What is the difference between TetraLines and A+ TetraLines

It should be a standard feature that you can turn on/off in-game music and sound effects separately in all games
08-13-2011, 04:02 PM
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Tetralines is a renewal of A+ Tetralines. If you already have A+ Tetralines, then you don't need to buy Tetralines.
P.S. A+ Tetralines doesn't sell anymore.
08-14-2011, 03:53 AM
Joined: Jun 2011
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Thanks for review.
If Tetralines will meet our expectations, then we will add powerups and different modes.

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