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best way to promote a Freemium game

08-20-2011, 02:16 AM
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Best Way to Promote Freemium Games

Hi guys,

We released on the August 17th our Freemium game "Monkey Land".


After few days, download wasn't really great and we only have 311 players in the Game Center at this moment and few thousand download.

Monkey Land is a re-release of our first game (2 years ago) Paradise Monkey, an evolved whac-a-mole game. We modify all the interface, change the name and put it Free with in App Purchase and Ads. The game used gold to buy items, increase power and unlock mini-game. Gold can be win during the game or purchase with the in-App purchase as most traditional Freemium games. For those who want to ask, we give a second life for our game, it's like an update but we can't do it as an update, it was a difficult choice. Make an update of a preview Paid game with a new perspective (In App Purchase and Ads) would be technically impossible and unfair for those who paid, even if it's an old game.

We contact websites and we're still waiting for reviews but we believe that we're not in the good move.

If you have tips, good advice in order to increase the download, feel free to reply.

A Cinematic Trailer was made to help the promotion..

Developer Service: Need a Professional 720p Trailer ? : Vetasoft Animation Studio

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08-29-2011, 03:25 PM
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Cool game, I like the trailer! What about offering real rewards for in-game achievements? Maybe run a few "give ways" throughout different marketing channels.

Real World Rewards For In-Game Achievements

08-29-2011, 05:18 PM
great production values on the trailer; but it goes pretty long and never shows the gameplay. i think i'd need to see the game in it somewhere to be sold on trying it.

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08-31-2011, 01:58 AM
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Originally Posted by milkmangames View Post
great production values on the trailer; but it goes pretty long and never shows the gameplay. i think i'd need to see the game in it somewhere to be sold on trying it.
I'd have to agree, you only have a very short window to grab peoples attention with promo videos and really need to show game play.

Think of your promo video like an MTV music video, every ~5 seconds (yes 5 seconds) the picture/scene changes to keep the viewers attention. The same applies for promo videos!
08-31-2011, 04:51 PM
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Thanks for your comments

The video was after all a cinematic trailer.

We have planned to do a "classic" trailer for an update with lots of improvement. We still hope that our game will gain more attention to the medias.

We thought to give real gift, but we must first analyze whether it is worth it.

Because, we do not believe that the media will pay more interest on a game just because he has real gifts.

We want above all to improve our game that corresponds perfectly to the exigency of the players but also the media.

Currently, our strength is that:

- The game is an original concept and an improved Wack-a-mole
- The game is FREE
- The game is pretty polished.

We need to work on few things to improve it.

If you have recommendations or things that we can put on the game, don't hesitate to help us.

Actually they are 712 players on the Game Center...it's really really nothing.

here is the first (few) reviews:

148Apps - Rate 3.5/5

"I am honestly surprised by how much fun I’ve had with Monkey Land. The classic mechanics feel almost refreshing thanks to great artwork and some unexpectedly well-animated simians."


Rate : 4/5 - MobileGuide.be ( French )


Rate: 71/100 - Gamerz ( Dutch )


Developer Service: Need a Professional 720p Trailer ? : Vetasoft Animation Studio
08-31-2011, 06:47 PM
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just my 2 cents on the cinematic trailer you use for promotion..

while technically sound the "story" made no sense to me whatssoever..

i could not understand what you wanted to tell and therefore the promo video resulted into a mental minus

in the other thread you got some remarks regarding the looks of the ingame monkeys maybe that something you can improove too..


gave it a spin since its free

- no retina?.. would have deleted right away if it wasn't downloaded to check it out
- the story makes no sense?! it looks like you took game a and just attach story b to it without even trying to make it fit..
- why do i whack monkeys who wave at me and then grin if i touch them?
- what has this todo with some stolen bananas?
- how do i leave the "level" screen to come back to the main menu? there is no button.

so faar from your 3 strength i only see one.. the game is free.. as is tons of other stuff out there

in the end the free market is alot more competive than the paid market will ever be

anyway good luck


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08-31-2011, 09:35 PM
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In general, what would people say are the best ways to promote FREE games? In an increasing sea of the free ........ how have people managed to get their heads above the waves?

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