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App description: Get Jelly Wars and enjoy Star Arcade the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge!
In Jelly Wars your objective is to defeat your opponent either by shooting exploding jelly shots at them or by destroying the bars below them. Aim your shots! The closer you shoot the more energy you opponent loses. Take cover or find a better shooting position by jumping or if your opponent is out of reach, shoot sticky green jelly shots to the bars to remove them.

This is a story of two tribes and an age-old treasure that caused a war between them, a war that you shall now continue. Since the beginning of the planet Jelly, two tribes, red and blue, had lived on the opposite sides of a mountain. They lived peacefully, hardly even knowing each other.

Then one day, a long time ago, both tribes noticed a bright light in the sky. It grew bigger and brighter, so big that it lit up the whole sky. Finally the source of the light, a massive meteorite, hit the mountain causing a huge light pillar. Both tribes sent their bravest soldier to find out what was causing the amazing glow. When the soldiers reached the top of the mountain, they noticed an amazing, glowing treasure. Both soldiers declared the treasure to their tribes. Eventually the fight over the treasure turned into a war.

Years and generations passed and the war kept raging. Now its your turn to step up and crush the enemy once and for all.

Feature list: New maps with graphical enhancements, one round match system, random spawn position, boot camp, new weapons, virtual items and themes, in-game chat, player following system, rematch system, guest play (no registration needed), enhanced Facebook login, achievements, totally renewed Star Arcade Social Lounge, in-app shop.

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foli's comments:

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08-24-2011, 11:55 AM
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This game is really awesome. It's basically a simplified version of Worms but with a different approach to destructible terrain (watch the video). You play random match-ups online and the map is randomised from a bunch of pre-mades. It's very quick to find an opponent too. There is a ranking system based on points gained/lost from winning/losing. The FREE version is the full game + ads so do yourself a favour and check it out.
09-17-2011, 07:25 AM
Jelly Wars - One of the Top iPhone Multiplayer Games

Released about a month ago, the Jelly Wars new App by Star-Arcade is an iphone multiplayer app which has definitely the pure potential of becoming one of the top iphone multiplayer games out there.
It is an online jelly battle, expressing a cross between the legendary Worms online game & the Scorched Earth strategy game with the dominating super Angry Birds. The game is extremely exciting & fun and has beautiful graphics together with funny music & sound effects. It also combines a very smooth fast game-play along with the multiplayer social game capabilities

Jelly Wars is a simplified version of these older classics with todays mobile standards. It is simple enough for EVERYONE, both hardcore competitive strategic players and casual type of players. Its easy to learn and to play, however still has the same old strategic goal and feeling.

The Jelly Wars iphone multiplayer app is based on two warring tribes of Blue and Red jellies, fighting each other to capture an ancient disputed treasure. The aim of the Jelly Wars game is of course to beat each other by wearing down your opponents energy bar, or to kill him outright by knocking him into the water. Just like in the super Angry Birds game, it requires the players to skillfully aim and shoot jellies at their opponents, and simultaneously jump and protect themselves from incoming jelly shots.

Jelly Wars is definitely an exciting new iphone multiplayer app which provides a simplified and intuitive mobile version of the classic Worms online game along with the excitement of the super Angry Birds shooting.

After playing the Jelly Wars game for a few hours, I can surely label it as one of the most addicting online games out there with the ability to reach the top iphone multiplayer games arena.
Without a doubt, the Jelly Wars app is well worth the download. DOWNLOAD NOW!!!

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09-17-2011, 08:09 AM
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There's already a thread for the game:

And while I do think it's entertaining, I highly doubt it would be one of the "top" multiplayer iOS games by any reasonable metric (sales, downloads, times played, number of players).

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09-17-2011, 01:13 PM
Game Impressions

The Jelly Wars is still in its early stages and thus naturally have some areas for improvements...
I think it surely has the potential of becoming one of the top iphone multiplayer games if they implement the followings: creating a local offline single user mode game, being able to play this fun & addicting game without the need to login via your Facebook or Star Arcade account, adding variety of weapons & outfits, customize your looks, game-play & music, and creating levels of achievements...
Well, dont worry. The guys from Star Arcade say they are already working on several of these Jelly Wars related enhancements and even more!