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Do you enjoy a strategy game challenge? Of course, you do! Family board games of strategy will never go out of style because we all have that competitive streak in us!

Certainly not a game of chance, iPoints HD is a family board game of wits and tactics. iPoints HD involves risk, strategy, provides hours of enjoyment and competitive fun!

The objective of iPoints HD is to surround your opponent's points before he can surround yours. To start the game, tap on any intersection on the board to place your first point. Try to surround as many rival points as possible!

-Play against artificial intelligence in single player mode, or a human opponent in multiplayer mode
-3 levels of complexity in the game against artificial intelligence
-Play with a friend on one device in play and pass mode
-Possibility to play with a random opponent or choose a rival by name playing online
-Random opponent search: the opponent for you will be chosen by won/lost statistics.

Play iPoints HD strategy game to keep your brain sharp!
08-25-2011, 02:59 PM
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Intriguing. Go is my favorite game, so I'm afraid I might hold this to a higher standard than I should. Looks kewl, though.

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