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App description: ITS THE #1 GAME IN MANY COUNTRIES!!!

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Defense Craft HD: Zombies Invasion is NOT a classic TOWER DEFENSE game you may have played. Its more challenging and in REAL 3D WORLD!

Come with Nichole to throw yourself into an immersing and exciting adventure.
Defense and protect Nichole from zombies attack using a diverse selection of upgradeable towers & boosts, using a wide array of strategies and tactics against countless waves of zombies rushing into the scene.

Play this game, you will enjoy it and cant stop.

Thank you!



+25 Challenge levels
+3 Different Themes (Bed room, Living room and Garden)
+8 Zombies with divers attributes and skills
+6 Towers with +10 levels each
+5 Special Boosts



+25 NEW Levels School scene will open
+4 NEW Themes Classroom, Lobby, Playground & Rooftop
+9 NEW Zombies Exploder Zombie will come on stage
+4 NEW Towers with +10 levels each SECRET
+3 NEW Boosts SECRET


defensecraft's comments:
The newest 3D game releases free for a limited time now!

App store Link: http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/defense-craft-hd-zombies-invasion/id452212369?l=en&mt=8

game name: Defense Craft HD:zombies invasion

・ Intruduction:
Nichole is an intelligent and lovely girl who is interest in crafting the stuffs crazily at home. One day, tons of zombies break into the house and she doesnt know what happened at all. Pick up Nicholes crafts, fight against the zombies now! Its your responsibility to protect little Nichole, can you win this game? Can little Nichole survival in the end? Your call!

・ Game Features:
1、A 3D game with vivid and cute pictures.
2、Diverse points and scenes.
At last, its an easy playing and immersive game. You should have a try!
08-26-2011, 04:10 AM
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It seems quite simple, you should introduce more details.
09-29-2011, 06:49 AM
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FREE!Defense Craft FREE for iphone

Game name: Defense Craft FREE

Previous versions is the first number in many countries of strategy class!
Many sites recommend this game as one in thousand 3D Tower Defense game!
All most players rating this game as FIVE STARES!

Now the iPhone version of this game is free to release!

itunes link:http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/defense-craft-free/id467579982?mt=8