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Thorn: Zombie Dungeon Survival (0.99 > 0)

09-02-2011, 03:19 PM
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Thorn: Zombie Dungeon Survival (0.99 > 0)

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09-02-2011, 03:29 PM
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I originally posted this was a good but limited tap to attack and move dungeon crawler... then I saw the developers uploaded a massive update to go with the price drop. It seems Thorn: Zombie Dungeon Survival will be forever free with an iAP for a new escape mode.


▶ More gameplay
▶ More story
▶ More monsters
▶ More levels
▶ More weapons
▶ Boss fights
▶ Traps
▶ Special rooms

Anyone who's already purchased Thorn should get the new Escape Mode unlocked for free. Everybody else will need to purchase it as an In-App Purchase. (And we're making the base game Survival Mode free.)

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09-03-2011, 08:38 PM
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cow, you are correct

We decided it'd be good to get the game out to more people, so went with the freemium model. We renamed the original game "Survival Mode" and made it free; the new stuff is "Escape Mode" and is an iAP.

The new Escape Mode is our attempt to add a bunch user-requested features and different-feeling gameplay.

It removes Survival Mode's per-level timer, and has a finite mix of hand-made and random levels. You have a finite number of lives, but you can get extra lives with enough points. There are multiple zones in the Escape Mode dungeon, each with its own tileset and music. The dungeons have more content, like destroyable doors, treasure and trap rooms, and the occasional omg-its-full-of-mobs swarm.

Escape Mode adds several new monster types, each with different combat behavior (like: missile weapons, blocking, etc). It also includes boss fights, a story line, and an actual end to the game... if you're good enough to beat the Evil Lord Evil, that is .

The new trailer shows some of Escape Mode's goodies:

Youtube link | Pop Up

We've also posted a bunch of development screenshots on our skitch page that show a lot of the new stuff.

-kid sorrow, 1/2 the Thorn dev team

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