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  • Publisher: Frankie Mak
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 23.4 MB
  • Version: 1.01
  • Price: $0.99
  • Average User Rating:
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App description: Contains 54 fun games! Player has only 5 seconds to finish each game. These games require fast reaction and some thought Definitely addictive!

Types of games includes sports, fight, racing, shooting, puzzle, etc...
Are you good enough to finish all of them!!??

No worry about number of lives. After each "game over", more lives will be given for your next trial. You will get hundreds of lives to reach the end!

Here is the list of all 54 games:
- 100M dash
- Destroy final boss
- Eat banana
- Bang the bear
- Car race
- Catch balls
- Catch fishes
- Cut wood
- Dart
- Dodge rocks
- Drop bomb
- Eat fries
- Fight gangsters
- Find differences
- Hammer down nail
- Hit bad guys
- Hurdle
- Sacrifice yourself to save the world
- I-man shoot enemies
- Jump over dog
- Break the wood with Karate
- Cross the road
- Kill mosquito
- Kill fire
- Land on jeep
- Assemble LEGO
- Long jump
- Make burger
- Match diamonds
- Police hunts robber
- Fill up container with nozzle
- Pull chair, dont let the guy sit
- Pump up the ball
- Assemble puzzle
- Finish one lap with RC car
- Recycle garbage
- Combine into robot
- Shoot apple
- Shoot bottle
- Shoot parachute
- Shoot soccer ball to window
- Shut dogs mouth
- Snooker
- Sort parcel
- Soccer spot kick
- Superman saves kid
- Tank shoots rock
- Fill up puzzle
- Fill up two rows with blocks like arcade games
- Throw knives
- Throw ring onto bottle
- Defeat dinosaur
- Wipe out 1
- Wipe out 2

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09-03-2011, 05:26 AM
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Edit - Saying that ! Went against my judgement (As i hate all these 'hey i just found a game....' rubbish) and bought it.

I'm a sucker for Warioware Inc type games with lots of mini games. Its actually alright, a few of the mini games are very very frustrating, you dont move on till you complete it (you get a lot of lives - 30) but after losing 10 in a row you get annoyed.

Wish there was some sort of 'game' to it, eg imagine a pyramid and you start off at the bottom and the aim is to get to the end by selecting a square (its a different mini game) so theres 'an end' to it.

This apparently has 50 or so mini games so a lot of variety, graphics are okay but like i say 'some' of the mini games are frustrating. One is a football, sorry soccer game where you have to 'chip' it over the goalie, you do but the ball just bounces upright not along towards the goal. Has lots of potential though but would rather it had some sort of structure to complete it instead of random mini game after mini game

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