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Rubble Robber - Innovative Physics/Puzzle/Hidden Object Hybrid Out Next Week

09-06-2011, 09:04 AM
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Rubble Robber - Innovative Physics/Puzzle/Hidden Object Hybrid Out Next Week

Hello people!

Square Meal Apps have a new game on the way, should be on the App Store by next week: RUBBLE ROBBER

Rubble Robber stars unscrupulous archaeologist Baron Von Smashenhof as he travels the world looting artefacts from ancient ruins. Using dynamite, bombs, pneumatic drills and more your job is to smash away the architecture and snag the objets d'art on the Baron's shopping list. There are red-herrings to watch out for and cryptic clues to solve, bringing in gameplay from old-school adventure and hidden object games into the mix. There's also a robust in-game economy; every time you complete a level you earn gold from collecting coins as well as a time bonus. You can then invest this money in subsequent levels buying clues, highlighting items and purchasing bonus tools. To further balance the difficulty, there's a level skip, so if you get bored of a particular level you can come back to it later.

Check out the trailer below;

Youtube link | Pop Up

Website http://rubblerobber.com/

Here's the full marketing spiel;

Baron von Smashenhof is a bad archaeologist.

He makes Indy and Lara look like prissy bureaucrats. Rather than wasting his time evading death traps or working ancient machinery, the Baron prefers to simply blast his way through the ruins of history in his insatiable quest for old-school loot. And you’re his new assistant…

RUBBLE ROBBER is what happens when you take the “hidden object” genre and send it smashing headlong into the “blow stuff up” genre.

The result is an addictive blend of wanton destruction and selfish treasure hunting that will have you itching for one more go.

Travel the world with Smashenhof as you rob tombs and rustle relics with a fistful of dynamite and a pneumatic drill. Solve cryptic (well, cryptic-ish) riddles and make the bad baron rich.


60 handcrafted levels, with hundreds of artefacts to steal.
Use a roster of outrageously destructive tools from the humble shovel to the ludicrously overpowered lead zeppelin.
In-game economy lets you buy hints and bonuses with the gold you earn in the game itself – no hidden charges.
A globe-trotting adventure across three continents – Grecian Earner, Egyptian Money and Mayan Now.
Recommended hardware: iPhone 3GS/4 and 3rd/4th Gen iPod Touch.

Minimum hardware: iPhone 3/2nd Gen iPod Touch

Coming September 2011

Note: In case it wasn't obvious, I am the developer.
09-14-2011, 08:31 AM
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Just a quick update... Rubble Robber is now out, early feedback has been great;

Get it here!
09-14-2011, 09:53 AM
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Looks good

Hi Stuart,

I like the look of your game. Will take a peek after work. As a fellow developer, out of interest how long did it take you to develop the game?

09-14-2011, 11:08 AM
Joined: May 2011
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Hi Russ -

About three months, although I was doing other stuff as well. If I'd been working on it 9-5, I'd say about a month. Most of the time was spent developing each level individually, which took a while because there are a lot of unique artifacts, hints etc. in the game. I'd recommend anyone going it alone as a solo developer, like me (although I had a little art/sound help from my friends) to try out a score attack style game first, something more like Tiny Wings or what have you. That way, when the basic gameplay is honed, you don't then have the additional task of creating tons of levels that 80% of players probably won't see.

Good luck with your projects!
09-14-2011, 04:02 PM
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We are faced with a similar problem in that we all work full time and do what we can outside of work.

Thanks for the advice - I would say thats what we tried to do for our first game release (Bungee Ninja). I see that game as more of a learning curve than anything else. And I do think we learnt alot, but sadly the game itself was lacking many features,

We've been umming are arring since then about what to do next but i've recently come up with a new original concept that should be good. But more about that in the weeks to come.

Regarding your game, my new wife is hogging the iphone so looks like I wont get chance to play it today. Will take a peek tomorrow though. Promise!

Keep us all updated on any success you have stu