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iPhone: Record of Arden War 2 - (BiCore)

09-15-2011, 03:15 PM
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Record of Arden War 2 - (BiCore)

The Record of Arden War 2 is an action RPG that has depicted the story of main characters solving problems on the events taking place at the Arden Continent. They have 3 types unique jobs according to gender while you can experience high immersion by through fancy skills, main quests, sub quests and illustration of various events.


A player is able to select the gender of first main character and the job that can be selected becomes different according to gender. A total of jobs can be selected while the game scenario also changes according to gender and the 6 types of jobs with unusual sense will make you experience the fun of raising various characters.

*Pet System
The Pet item is gained with certain probability if you defeat some special monsters. These pets may be helpful for battle using buff skills that are useful to players or give items which go into mixing at times. They also raise their own ability after growing by eating food.

*Rune System
The Rune item is gained with certain probability if you defeat some special monsters. Each of these Rune items has different abilities and the player continues to have corresponding ability after equipping the item. This is a system that has the advantage of being able to costume one’s ability as dozens of Rune items exist.

*Costume System
Each of 6 different jobs has unique costumes and about 100 types of various costumes will approach as another fun element in raising your own character.

*Random Dungeon
The Random Dungeon that can be connected through network lets you enter into a set dungeon each day and the monsters adjusted to the level of your own character appears. These monsters are more powerful that ordinary monsters and gives you better items or a lot of EXP. You can enter by setting 3 types of difficulties while the players would make challenge after raising their own ability because Legend items are given as reward with low probability in case of defeating the final boss.

*Auction House System
The Auction House is a place where players are able to exchange and sell the equipments and additional materials they have gathered with each other. This is a system that increases the fun of game along with the players’ desire to possess because the desired equipment can be purchased and sold more quickly and conveniently.
09-15-2011, 03:21 PM
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