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[DARK RECKONING] A giant, animated art content pack!

09-19-2011, 08:14 PM
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[DARK RECKONING] A giant, animated art content pack!


A few weeks ago, we posted to advertise pre-orders for a great art content pack. It's taken a bit longer than expected, but we're proud to finally share the finished product with the game developer community! What does it feature? Glorious, fully-animated zombies, for one thing!

Dark Reckoning is a pack big enough to make a full-featured game. Included in the pack are 5 animated characters, and a huge amount of blocks, background objects, special effects animations, and a few devious traps! It's ideal for adventure or action games, but there's enough content to make a physics puzzle, a fighting game, an object-finding game... you name it.

Check out some of the content below:

A look at the individual frames of animation contained inside a folder:

A few background objects and a scene created from the pack's assets:

You can find more information and purchase the pack, or individual characters and sets (for example, just the special effects) here: http://redlionapps.com/styled/index.html
The entire set is a steal at $60, and each individual "set" of items or animated character can be purchased for $9.

If you want to expedite your shipment, send an email to sleepingpaint@gmail.com after you've made your payment. Your files will usually be sent just a few minutes after the purchase is made. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to include them in this post, and thank you for taking the time to look over this post!
09-23-2011, 12:13 PM
I decided to go ahead and purchase the entire pack, and this is a wonderful art pack, with so many assets to work with! The animations are very detailed, (The Necro guy is my personal favorite) and this could be used for a variety of games. Great work guys!
09-23-2011, 12:43 PM
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The art is fair.

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09-25-2011, 01:42 PM
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Most of our interest has come from people considering this pack for use in quick, Halloween-themed titles. I was considering running a promotion where people who made the purchase within the next 7 days received a free set of Halloween-themed items (jack-o-lanterns, a jack-o-lantern themed enemy, possibly some candy and bats as well.) Would anyone be interested in this offer?

I'd love to have more feedback from the community, as well! Is there anything that makes you feel that this content pack is a good or bad deal? Is there anything you would have liked to see done differently? Would more previews of the remaining characters be appreciated? I'm here to serve the developers, so your brutal honesty is always appreciated!
10-08-2011, 09:26 PM
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For the next 3 days, we're slashing our prices! The entire Dark Reckoning content pack, originally priced at $60, can be purchased for only $30 -- that's five fully animated characters, six traps, almost 40 frames of special effects, and a whole lot of blocks, bricks, and background objects! Don't miss your chance to own these great assets with a spooky theme.

The prices on the website have not yet been changed to reflect the sale -- you can either send $30 by PayPal to redlionappsales@gmail.com or simply use the site and half of the purchase price will be refunded to you ( both your refund and the pack will usually be sent to you in less than an hour.)

Thanks in advance for your support!