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Please don't shove social networking down our throats

09-20-2011, 12:21 AM
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Please don't shove social networking down our throats

I know it's oh-so-trendy to add score posting to these apps, but if I don't register Facebook, Twitter, Game Center, Open Feint, et al then don't keep popping it up. Even having to click a "no" button after _each and every level_ constitutes an unnecessary annoyance.

Just saying--please don't assume every player is eager to jump on board.
09-20-2011, 06:00 AM
I agree totally, I can't stand it when games bug me repeatedly to let it integrate with Facebook so it can spam the wall with adverts for the game. This is why my game doesn't do it (even though devs do this because it naturally results in more sales). Asking once is fine, but any more and I usually delete the app on principle.

Game Center by the way doesn't suffer from this - if you choose not to sign in three times on the run (in any game) it won't bug you again, for ANY game -- this is because Game Center is system-wide and that rule is OS-enforced. You then have to sign in using the Game Center app itself to get back GC features, and until you do those games can not bug you about it and must work fine without Game Center.

Having a system like this handled by the OS is what makes this possible. Given iOS 5 will have system-wide Twitter integration the same principle should eventually apply to Twitter-integrated apps, which would only need a "Post Scores to Twitter" switch in the options (hopefully defaulting to OFF).

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09-20-2011, 06:47 AM
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I don't have so much faith in Apple. It's bad enough they're integrating Twitter into the OS itself, which should be outside the scope of any operating system.

How silly would iOS look today with a bunch of Myspace functions still lingering about? Why not add Geocities sharing while they're at it? Perhaps Compuserv? And lots of our games could be all "Hey, why aren't you posting your scores to AOL Homespaces?" every time we launch them.

And while they're at it, wouldn't it be just lovely if they installed a bunch of trialware within each firmware update? Apps that ran for three days then spammed us with "click here to buy" messages until we uninstalled them. I'm sure Symantec would make it worth their while.

In any case, I think I found what may be the bottom of the barrell to date: check out Catculator on the app store. It's currently in the featured list on the app store for some inexplicable reason.

It's a calculator, which boasts the feature "Tweet your catculations via Twitter!"

I have to confess some amazement, as I wasn't sure somebody could make Twitter less relevant and more annoying. Having my feed spammed with somebody's video game scores would be bad enough, but every time he can't remember what 6x9 is? I'm not sure I could remain friends after this.