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iPad: You said Tap Maze was too hard, so I made it easier.

09-21-2011, 06:24 PM
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You said Tap Maze was too hard, so I made it easier.

Hey All,

I released Tap Maze around a month ago to a great reception. (a look back: Tap Maze was featured by Apple because of your/Reddit's support)

Tap Maze is an *extremely* challenging game. So far, the game has been played over 120k times and completed twice. (One of those times was the winner of the $150 toucharcade tournament)

Part of the original challenge of Tap Maze was inspired by video game classics like Sonic and Mario, which forced you to start the game over with each death. Many players hated having to restart the game with every death and I realize now that this *was* too much of a punishment for making a mistake, especially when considering the difficulty of the game without this restart rule.

That all said, I'm excited to announce the latest update for Tap Maze which removes this restarting BS and remains extremely challenging. (I still can't beat it!)

Tap Maze remains FREE and includes the Karma Point system (as seen on Reddit here) which allows you to donate/support further development if you so choose.

I love getting my games into the hands of players; I really love hearing what those players think. I love feedback so much, in fact, that I've included a way for you to call / text me from within the game.

As always, thanks a ton for being there. Your support means everything to me.

- Clay


09-22-2011, 03:16 AM
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Hi, just tried this but it hangs on the Clay Kohut Creation screen and then crashes. I tried redownloading but the same thing occurs.

I'm using a vanillia iPad 2 for reference.