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App description: If you're a fan of RPG style games and are looking for that perfect app for killing time on your phone look no further! This game is seriously addicting! You'll be able to pick up Pocket Hero right where you left off even after months without a problem! It can even be played with just one hand which makes it perfect for crowded subways and buses.

Pocket Hero is a Final Fantasy style time-based RPG dungeon crawler. All Items, Dungeons, and Monsters are infinite and randomly generated! Find weird and wacky items such as "a Rusty Pot with a Tickler", and "Bicurious Boots!" Trade with friends or even synthesize custom items.

coryleach's comments:
Hello, I'm an iOS developer and in my free time I like to make indie games.

I recently released a game in the App Store called Pocket Hero Free. Pocket Hero is a simple RPG with Final Fantasy style time based battles. All dungeons, enemies and items are randomly generated. I'm making this post just to kind of get the game "out there"

Download Pocket Hero Here!

Pocket Hero was my first attempt at making a game for iPhone and I originally released it a couple years back so you might have seen it before. Since then I have done several commercial projects and decided I wanted to go back and put some polish on my old game and smooth over some of the rough edges. That's why I've re-released it and this new free version.

I tried to use original art whenever possible, but I'm not an artist and I don't have a lot of money to pay an artist so some of the sprites are taken from sites that host sprites for making games most notably the charas project.

One of the fun parts about the game for me is finding items with funny names. Items are generated with prefixes and suffixes randomly. Each level increase you can find new items and sometimes get really silly items like "Bicurious Boots" and "Crotchless Feather Hat with a Tickler." The game is just meant to be silly and a way to pass the time.

The game is free for 10 character levels and 15 dungeon levels. If you decide you like the game you can unlock levels up to 60 and a couple other features for $1 US. I hope some of you out there can enjoy it.

Download Pocket Hero Here!

09-26-2011, 08:18 AM
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Love the idea of randomly generated items, and its always nice to see one person dev teams at work. Grabbing a copy now!