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App description: ByteSize Games is proud to present FlipShip, the addictive space-based action game that has already been named one of:

- Gizmodo's 20 "Essential" iPad Games
- Apple'N'Apps' "Best Games of 2011"
- Metacritic's "Best New iPhone and iPad Games" (October 2011)
- "New and Noteworthy"
- "What's Hot"
- Kotaku's "Gaming App of the Day" (January 27, 2012)


What has everyone "Flipping" out over FlipShip? See for yourself!

"FlipShip is a terrific little high score chaser that is nigh impossible to put down. Consider this one a must buy." - Gamezebo

"One of the most enjoyable iOS games out there." - Apple'n'Apps

"FlipShip is just so good...the mechanics, graphics and controls of the game are utterly fantastic." - Pocketful of Megabytes

"...dynamic, explosive, and sometimes spectacular..." - Quarter to Three

"...I've spent more than a few weeks lately grumbling and grouching about derivative iOS titles. I really should have been playing FlipShip instead. So should you." - Kotaku

"...more bite - and thoughtful gameplay - than the average mobile shooter." - PocketGamer

"Replay value is great, with a strong 'one more try' vibe, multiple difficulty levels, and GameCenter integration for a global leaderboard and a huge amount of achievements to earn." - AppSmile

"FlipShips risk/reward combo system is what makes it so compelling..." - 148apps.com

"The strategic color flipping concept works really well." - TouchArcade

"If youre a fan of the genre, want a challenge, or are a high-score monger, like myself, FlipShip is a no-brainer must buy." - TheAppShack


In FlipShip, your goal is deceptively simple: tilt your device to move towards enemies of the same color, then let your ships automatic firing function take care of the rest. But watch out! Destroying enemies will raise your combo, but it wont score you points. For that youll need to tap the screen, flipping your ship into its opposite color and flipping your enemies from predators to prey. Of course, flipping also reduces your combo back to zero, so youll want to see just how long you can hang on without tapping that screen.

Should you flip or should you flee? Score now or hold on for the promise of even bigger rewards?

In FlipShip, the choice is yours.

* Intuitive tilt-based gameplay keeps you in control, no matter how intense the action gets.
* Unique risk/reward scoring system increases the tension while your combos (and the enemys numbers) rise.
* Six dynamically adjusting difficulty levels tailor FlipShips challenge to you!
* Three different ships (each with their own playstyle) offer three different ways to flip your way to big scores!
* Procedurally generated backgrounds give FlipShip a different look every time!
* Full Game Center support with 50 different achievements to earn online or off!
* In-app leaderboards let you compare FlipShip scores with friends (and enemies) across the world!
* High definition visuals designed for the Retina Display!
* Optimized for iPhone 3GS / iPod Touch 3G and newer devices.

* On Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/bytesizegames
* On Twitter at http://twitter.com/bytesize_games

For support, contact us at support@bytesize-games.com

Echoseven's comments:

Lite: http://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/flipship-lite/id464047586?mt=8
09-26-2011, 08:14 AM
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Looks pretty awesome. Hope the music was in-game.

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09-26-2011, 08:19 AM
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Originally Posted by caanerud View Post
Looks pretty awesome. Hope the music was in-game.
Yeah it does look great. I'll be getting this. I agree about the music. Fingers crossed.

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09-26-2011, 08:41 AM
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Combining the Tilt to Live type of gameplay, with color-matching looks like a great idea. Your ship looks pretty large for a game like this though, but I'm guessing will probably work out since not everything is out to get you.

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09-26-2011, 09:13 AM
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I think I get the gameplay which is a bit of a wacky twist. All of the baddies are one of two colors. Your ship can freely change between these two colors. Your ship can freely shoot and run into ONLY the baddies of his current color. Special weapons on the field activated by running over kill indiscriminately regardless of color. Your points are based largely on how many baddies you can kill before switching colors again. So it isn't just a matter of how many you can kill in rapid succession but how long you are willing to hold out in one of the two colors to get that huge combo score.

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09-26-2011, 12:04 PM
You are almost exactly right on the gameplay, Lord Gek, though your ship will still be able to smash into enemies of the same color if you are not careful. Since you have been so good about relaying your impressions of the screenshots and trailer, we've PM'ed you a promo code so you can share with the other forum members your impressions of the game itself.

Also, with respect to the music. I can confirm that the music in the trailer is the music used for the game, though at present the "bridge" music (heard in the middle of the trailer) is not a part of the game's soundtrack.

Hope you like the game LordGek! Can't wait to hear what you (and everyone else) thinks. We've been working on this for a long time!
09-26-2011, 12:13 PM
Yep, LordGek has the large part of it right. As ByteSizeRick said, your ship can shoot only enemies of its own color, but it will be destroyed if it is hit by either. Special weapons float around the field and will destroy enemies of both types or start some other kind of special effect.

Perhaps most importantly, scoring works exactly as LordGek described, with combo score being based on how long you go without flipping rather than how quickly you destroy enemies. In addition, the points are at risk until you flip, so if you die with a big combo score all those points are lost .

We are very excited about FlipShip's release and happy to answer any questions about it, so please feel free to ask any questions on this thread. Thanks!
09-26-2011, 12:32 PM
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Well, the trailer has me sold, so count me in as a customer. Just curious, why did you guys opt for a non-Thursday release? I actually kind of wish more devs did this, instead of piling all of the releases on the same day.
09-26-2011, 12:42 PM
Great to hear, Dazarath!

As for releasing outside of Thursday, I think it's pretty much because we feel the same way that you (and, we think, a lot of other people) do. There's just way too much activity on Thursday now, and while that may mean a lot of eyes on the store, it also means it's very easy to get lost in all that traffic.

We felt like we could stand out a bit more by avoiding 'App Store Thursday', and hopefully we are right, but either way we'll have a better idea pretty soon.

Thanks for the question and your upcoming purchase!
09-26-2011, 12:55 PM
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Game Impressions

The fine folk of BiteSize just handed me a promo and, GOSH DANG, this game rocks hard!

Right off the bat you can see a bit of a nod toward Tilt to Live and Hyperlight, but this is only a fairly superficial connection as it is really its own thang.

Just keep your ship moving about via tilt controls and it will automatically shoot the nearest same colored baddies. You can also just run over same colored baddies as well with complete impunity. As the dev had just stated, there is no "time" element to the combo, it is simply a matter of how many baddies you can kill. You see your points earned with each ship killed and will note that every ship killed is a few more points than the last (the first ship is 7, then the next is 15, and the score per ship just seems to ramp up at an insanely progressive rate where you're up to thousands of points per ship in no time). The catch, just as the dev stated, however, is that you don't lock these points UNTIL you switch colors. So you can't simply pull the Tilt to Live deal of making as crazy a combo as possible until you die in a glorious explosion but actually need to use a little restraint and make the call when you think you've taken this color as far as you can and need to switch over to the other color and start your combo score from scratch all over again!

If the core gameplay weren't nifty enough, they offer a handful of difficulty levels and different ships to fly as that not only look different but offer their own unique special attacks.

I've only just started with the game but it is already very easy to pickup potently addictive fun!


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