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App description: Tap Sonic wins App Award Korea 2011 "The Best Entertainment App of the Year"

New features in 1.2.0 version

1. Today's free song
- Experience new song every day.
- The songs are available for 3 times a day, even for FREE!!!

2. Grand Total Leaderboards
- Compete with other Tap Sonic users thru Grand Total Leaderboards!

3. Various missions thru Pmang+
- Complete missions and get rewards!

Tap, tap, tap and slide your fingers to the beat with TAP SONIC!
TAP SONIC by Neowiz is the newest and most exciting way to enjoy the latest tunes on your iPhone and iPAD! Dont just listen to the music, tap the beat and slide the rhythm with TAP SONIC!
You can play games with popular American hit pops, the hottest K-pops and all time classic music.

*/ Please read this first */
- Free songs are constantly being added.
- Level, leaderboard and multi-play features will be added soon.
- After first download and playback of a song, you can play it instantly afterward.
- Enjoy more variety of songs with your Music Points.

*/ Features */
- A variety of dynamic gaming options (Speed/Random/Fade) to suit different levels and preferences.
- Star Points are earned every time you play TAP SONIC, and you can use the points for Score Bonus and/or Energy Up items!
- Choices of difficulty levels to suit everyones gaming level (4, 5, or 6 line; Basic, Pro, Legend levels)
- The Non-Stop play mode allows you to select up to 3 songs to loop so that you can enjoy playing without pausing.

*/ FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) */

[Q] When I tap long notes with more than one finger at a time, it is not recognized correctly.
[A] Change your Settings to: iOS Settings > General >Accessibility > Zoom > Off

[Q] The game screen appears vertically chopped off.
[A] This problem may occur if you are using a lower iOS version. Upgrading your iOS will solve the problem.

[Q] I keep on getting Unable to connect to SHOP error messages.
[A] If you have trouble setting up your account at the SHOP, please go to 'Device Set Up> General> Block> Purchase within the application program.

[Q] Ive purchased Music Points, but I cant use them.
[A] It could be a connectivity issue or a temporary problem while processing your payment information. Close the application entirely then try again.

[Q] I received a message about a download that I did not purchase. Was I charged automatically?
[A] When you register your credit card or change your credit card information, a $1.00 virtual charge may appear as a transaction on your account. However, you will not be charged. This is a pending transaction that will disappear in a few days.

Black2key's comments:
Great music game, you should try it! (Especially if you love djmax and iidx)~ :]
09-26-2011, 12:34 PM
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10-15-2011, 07:07 AM
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Hey, its a great game! bumpidibum!
10-15-2011, 07:41 AM
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If your able to make a korean account, you should go with the korean version. There are more songs and it cost less (15-30 points). Korean account let you use an american credit card too

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10-15-2011, 01:55 PM
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This game is sweet! Made by the creators of DJ Max

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