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App description: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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The most fun and touching story you've ever read!

It's about a boy meets a girl, who never give up her dream.

This is the first story from independet developer, Team DTR.
Please be noticed that this is a remake version of the legendary korean independent game, Tears 9, 10(2003).

- Added New Ending.
- Added New Scenario.
- Added Extra Scenario, playable after all scenario finished.
- Renewed and added all character and event CGs.
- Supported language : English, Korean. (Japanese TBD)
- The majority of reviews are "Thanks for making this game"

Team DTR is developing games, wishing the world to be a better place.

Here's some introduction of our user reviews.

"She never breaks her will, no matter how the life tough... She is cool, lovely, and I am very touched." (by Crisis)
"Awsome! It's been a while to be such impressed. Thank you. I played 3 consecutive times to the whole story... The impression still ligers in my mind. (by emoon)
"I kept weeping for 20 minutes.. The story is very touching..." (by routine)
"I've been groaned for one whole week... Introduced and recommended to friends. " (by UncleRabbit)
"I brought some lessons... TT I thought it was a dating game.. now I'm so touched." (by Jenar)
"My tears dropped.. I was thinking about all kind of conditions, when being asked about essentails for pianists... I teach kids and grown-ups, but I'm ashamed of myself for not metioning any dream... " (by Ganseogu)
"The graphics and musics were a little bit awkward, but the awesome storyline covers everything up!!I really encourage you guys to buy this game. Worth every penny." (by MSN04 sazabi)
"Amazing story, very touching." (by Drelbs2345)
" One of the best value VNs on iTunes. It'll make you laugh, cry and think about your life circumstances. "(by Rezznik)
" the story is very moving, the art is high quality, and the price is right! This is better than the ten dollar VN's currently being sold. Fantastic! " (by runner724)

Team DTR's comments:
Hello, Team DTR members happy to announce that our first story, "Tears 9, 10" is now available around the world!

Our mission is change the world by the game.

If, you like story-telling games, visual novels,
- or you feel like being overwhelmed, depressed, gloomy,
- or your're having a monotonous daily life,
- so you want to be encouraged,

... then you may play this one.

09-27-2011, 12:22 PM
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Game Impressions

Very good story & well done app, I'd be willing to recommend this if you're into this sort of thing.

Not so many choices though, mostly it's a lot of visuals and reading.

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Worst idea ever!
12-12-2014, 10:47 AM
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This game made me cry at the end. It's a nice heartwarming game