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App description: "The perfect companion to a night of partying." - theiphoneappreview.com


Introducing the worlds first front-facing camera party game, Imitation!

Imitation is an exciting and innovative take on the classic game "Telephone." Make a face, and challenge your friends to recreate it. Watch as expressions get exaggerated, and laughter fills the room. Perfect for parties or just for killing time while waiting in line.


Experience the fun, and pass it along. Imitation supports up to 12 players in a single round.


Share complete games with your friends and family, and let them all relive the fun.


Test your skills at the art of Imitation!

Watch the video at www.imitationgame.com

***Imitation requires the use of a front-facing camera. Supported devices are iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 4th Generation.***

Agas's comments:

09-26-2011, 02:48 PM
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Imitation is fun to play with lots of people and I will definitely keeps it in my phone for party, but I think it lacks "telephone game" feeling on it.

Here is some of my impressions and suggestions:
> We can play up to 12 players but we're not always playing with 12 people. It will be better if there's option on how many people playing and the game ends on the last person. Currently, to end the game we need to touch pause button then end game button. That is not efficient.
> As Imitation is a twist of telephone game, I would like to be able to compare the first and the last picture first, then to be able to see the sequence. Isn't that the most fun of the game when we compare the first and the last picture? Right now it's like a series of photo-booth and we cannot compare the first and the last picture. Hence, the gameplay seems missing.
> Sometimes there's a bug that makes the screen goes black and no picture taken. You should fix it in the next update.
> I like the "suggestion theme" that comes in the beginning. Actually I think this can be the added gameplay to the original telephone game. The final imitator can guess what is the "theme" of the original poser. It's even better if the first player can write the theme by himself or maybe all imitator can guess for points.

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09-26-2011, 03:11 PM
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This "game" is ridiculous, save your money and just use your phones camera does the same thing.