Rock Crawler

02-12-2015, 11:31 AM
Rock Crawler

Hey all,

I'd like to expose my first multiplayer game which I hope will go live this spring.
This is a racing-runner game where you drive a 4WD offroader through a randomly generated cross-country with pre-made pieces, climbing on rocks and cliffs.

The killer feature of the game is big inflatable soft wheels which allow the car to climb on a really craggy rocks! After each race you get some money and experience. 2nd place brings you only a half of the money collected and 3rd place - only 1/4. Stuff you can upgrade:
1. Tyres (improve friction)
2. Hull (reduces center of mass + cool view)
3. Engine (increase torque)
4. Protection (increase car's health)
5. Fuel tank (increases the time between refueling)
The terrain becomes harder and harder while you upgrade your off-roader.
The game will be free I suppose with the option to buy extra rockets (one per race by default).

Here's the gameplay video:

02-12-2015, 02:30 PM
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Looks great! Keeping an eye on this for sure.