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cocos2D or similar coder wanted - retro-themed game

09-26-2011, 11:40 PM
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cocos2D or similar coder wanted - retro-themed game

About me:
Big studio development 1997-2009 (resume), independent development since then (website)

2 titles released on iOS, 1 ported to Android
300,000+ downloads between the two platforms

I handle "everything except for coding" - art, design, sound, marketing, promotion (I have some decent contacts built up after a few years of doing this)

featured on iTunes "New & Noteworthy, What's Hot"

Android Market "Featured App"
Amazon App Store "App of the Day"
Barnes & Noble Nook "Featured App"

About you:
Willing to work for revenue share
Interested in classic gaming (8-bit NES style)
Looking for experience/resume builder/fun project with experienced people
Capable with cocos2D or similar (this probably not a good project for Unity, but not impossible)

About the project:
We are developing an Android app right now, retro-themed, a throwback to a very familiar and popular property. It's not been done (properly) yet on the platform and I've a good network to get it out when it wraps (aiming for the end of the year). We've got an exhaustive design doc, a well-known musician in the scene, and a particular knack for designing this sort of project. I want to shoot for simultaneous release on iOS as well if possible, so a 2nd coder is necessary.

The project is not a "huge undertaking," could be a good one for someone at a novice level to get into but of course higher-end folks are welcome as well.

This is sure to be a big hit (of course nothing is guaranteed!); my last coder went from being a hobbyist to an engineer at Zynga following our collaboration together, thanks in no small part to the work we did.

Please note that I'd like to put this out under the "Headcase Games" label.

Contact me if you'd like to learn more.

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