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iPad: Fabled Lands HD [2.4 update is live]

09-27-2011, 03:25 AM
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Fabled Lands HD [2.4 update is live]


Hello dear Fabled Lands fans and users,

This update is a huge polishing and fixing one but does not include additional content.

It will be the last update before Fabled Lands III (scheduled for Q4, 2012)

Please note that the reason why FL III is scheduled for Q4, 2012 is because the authors asked us (for various reasons) to release a standalone game before, with the same engine for Q1, 2012.

The game is Keep of the Lich-Lord, a conversion of the famous Fighting Fantasy gamebook #43

You can join the Facebook group for this game in development should you need to know more.

Back to this FL update:

Fixed the following
- Peacock Feather's bonus
- Skabb Amulet properties
- Removing the wereboar quest once it's done
- Fixed an exploit with the Metricien Gem
- Made the rank titles more explicit
- Reaver's Rum Barrel properties
- The Black Dragon Shield can now be sold.
- Text at Dragon Knights Citadel
- Text when winning a duel
- Yanryt the Son text
- You do not get to keep the staff despite it saying so. Also, what would happen if you sold it before seeing the Oak Druid?
- Damora the Hermit text
- Gambler's Den text
- Robbing the scholar text
- The game no longer crashes when it gets to the end of the credits sequence
- Storm text
- Plenty at sea texts are fixed now
- Silver Flute properties
- You no longer see the priest of Alvir and Valmir before you've even left the underwater realm.
- When you try to steal the chest without being seen, it no longer goes straight to the death screen, and no longer bypasses the original end of the adventure.
- Harbourmaster: trying to go to either the Sorcerer's Isle or Copper Island no longer teleports you to the Harbourmaster in Yellowport.

- Wishport harbour: booking passage to Dweomer no longer has a plain black image for a graphic.
- Same for boarding your own ship.
- Ringhorn Harbour: when you book passage to Aku, and encounter an Uttakin slave ship, it gives two "random event" graphics one after another. Only the first "random event" means anything.
- Siren's song is fixed

Thank you for playing and we hope to see you in Q1 2012 for Keep of the Lich-Lord, and then for Fabled Lands III!
09-27-2011, 10:50 AM
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Looking forward to seeing the rest of the books released!

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Worst idea ever!