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App description: Find your way out of each maze. Use your magic crystals to explode walls, hunt monsters, find hourglasses, and continue your quest through the maze.

Two modes of gameplay: Sprint and Endurance. In Sprint, whoever gets out the fastest is the winner. In Endurance, you can keep going forever if you are good enough.

Control your maze runner with either tip/tilt controls or the intuitive flickpad.

You're thinking "Escape from stonehenge???? Pffft! I'll just walk out through the immense gaps between stones." Little did you know that we are talking about 100,000 years ago when stonehenge was much, much more than it appears today.

Before there were Celts, and before there were druids,
Before Arthur, before Beowulf, and before Gandalf...
The land now known as Britain had THE KRAKEN KINGS.
There existed in that great land the Mazes of Monocuco.
The only remnant of this vast labyrinth are the pillars at the ruins of Stonehenge.
Each citizen who aspired to be a ruler showed their courage, honor, and valor,
by traversing the Mazes to find their own special weapon.
Now in your nation's greatest hour of need, you must find your weapon
and escape if you wish to return your lands to their rightful place as
the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

Do you have what it takes to escape from the mazes of stonehenge?

jpswensen's comments:

Just released! Check in on the freebies forum for promocodes.
09-28-2011, 10:00 PM
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New video of gameplay

Youtube link | Pop Up
10-03-2011, 06:15 PM
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Escape from Stonehenge Lite

Just released the Lite version! The video here shows both the Sprint and Endurance modes of gameplay. Only sprint is available in the Lite version.

Youtube link | Pop Up

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