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Recommend retro'ish games

09-30-2011, 06:52 AM
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Recommend retro'ish games

I'm looking for some recommendations, I'm loving the nostalgia of playing old games and remakes on iOS.
Its arcade and amiga era games I'm looking for.
I already have
Dragons lair 1&2
Cobra command
Road blaster
The escapee
Another world
Wolfenstein rpg
Doom 2 rpg
Doom classic
Karate champ
Rally x
Pacman + ce

Well I think thats all the ones I've bought.
So if anyone can recommend any or mention any retro games that have been lost in the app store.
Thanks in advance.
09-30-2011, 07:33 AM
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I'm a huge fan of retro games and regularly buy most good remakes and originals, have a lot of folders, i have...

New retro (2 folders consist of)

Space Invaders Infinity Gene
Meteroids (Asteroids)
Dark Rider (Basically 3d Deathcahse)
KungPow (Kung Fu Master)
1942 First Strike
Star Jim (Bomb jack)
Operation WOW (Operation Wolf)
Galaga Remix
Rally X
Galaga 30th
New Bubble Bobble
Invader 2011
Assault Commando (Like Commando/Mercs)
Autoboy (Like Megaman)
Killatron 2112
Laser Dolphin (retro-ish)
Final Freeway (Out run)
Dig Dug Remix
Defconz (like an old NES game)
Double Dragon
Space Invaders
Ghost n Goblins (theres two of these out)
Paperboy SD
Street Fighter IV Volt
Sonic 1 (and the others)
Ms Pac Man
Pacman Remix

In my retro folders i have..

Altered Beast
Capcom Arcade
Centipede Ultra
Karate Champ
Streets of Rage (1-3)
Pong 72
Dragons Lair
Burger Time
Pole Position
Space Harrier II
Prince of Persia
GoldRunner (Like Loderunner)
Airfox Lite (Like Riverraid)
8 bit rally
Vector Tanks
Gunstar Heroes
64th Street
MegaMan II
Missile Ultra
Bubble Bobble
Golden Axe (2 and 3)
Shinobi III
Tank Hero
Bounders World
Elites Spectrum App
C64 App
TurboGrfx app
Frogger Decades
Desert Slug
Metal Slug Touch


Speedball 2
Giana Sisters
Rick Dangerous
Jet Car Stunts (Bit like Stunt car racer)
Super Methane Bros
Defender of the Crown
Battle Squadron

I've also got two folders of Vector games (Loved the Vectrex back in the day), a Minter folder with his great retro style games. Also an LCD/LED folder with lots of LCD remakes (And a couple of LED ones).

I like my retro stuff !

09-30-2011, 08:27 AM
Babylonian Twins seems like it fits the bill as a remake of a preexisting title. P1XL Party and Saucelifter as well, to an extent. Pix'n Love Rush might be worth looking into, as sort of an homage to most every retro console of old.

I'm just a sixteen bit sprite in an eight bit game.
09-30-2011, 10:41 AM
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Oh yeah i didn't mention I have all Minotaur rescue and goat up etc and pix'n love and quite a few retro looking games like mos speed run league of evil and the blocks cometh.
I was just looking to see if there's any old games out there I've missed.
Good stuff so far I'm picking up a few of those in the post one above.
01-07-2012, 11:54 PM
BIX (like QIX)
Buggy Blaster (Moon Patrol)
MB Lander (Lunar Lander)
The Simpsons
Space Ace
Star Fortress (Star Castle)

Computer games:
Cabby (Space Taxi from C64)
Chopper (Choplifter)
Sword of Fargoal

Another fan who loved vector games here... Still have my Vectrex!

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01-08-2012, 04:47 AM
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Prince of Persia Retro
01-08-2012, 06:04 AM
Perhaps Forget-Me-Not? Think of it as somewhat like Pacman, only with shooting, power-ups and flowers instead of pellets. There are several different modes and all the levels are randomly generated. It's a rather hectic game and I die a lot, but it's tiny and cute and a load of fun.
The developer has been considering adding a quest mode that follows the typical roguelike formula of fetching something at the bottom of a series of levels and climbing back with it in tow.