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Kill Mosquito!

09-30-2011, 04:48 PM
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Kill Mosquito!

Game coming soon!

Every single person had been bitten by mosquitoes at least once in a life.
This game allows you to revenge and kill these annoying mosquitoes! Its easy when only few mosquitoes attack you! But what would you do if there would be a pack of mosquitoes? Would you run away like a coward or would you fight ?

There are 3 types of mosquitoes in the game:

* Angry and noisy - single type of mosquitoes. They are not very fast and smart, but they fly in pack of few ones.

* Fast and hungry - the fastest mosquito. Mosquitoes of this type are really fast, thatís why they drink more blood, than single mosquitoes. It is more complicated to hit mosquitoes because of their fast moving.

* Toxic and dangerous - most serious type of mosquitoes. Born in nuclear reactor these mosquitoes emit toxicity. To kill this mosquito you have to hit him few times, thatís why Its hard to kill him.

There are special useful bonuses for player in this mosquito confrontation.
*Health icon - partly restores blood level.
*AntiMosquito Spray - a substance, which allows to intoxicate with poison a group of mosquitoes in effect area.

Every killed mosquito gives score. More than 2 mosquitoes killed in the same time give additional extra killed score, which increases with the number of the same time killed mosquitoes.

Remember! The best mosquito - is dead mosquito. Have fun!

P.S. More than 10000 mosquitoes were harmed during the making of this game
P.P.S To Green Peace: It was virtual mosquitoes, no real mosquitoes were harmed.

If Apple will approve it - should be released in a week or so
10-04-2011, 06:02 AM
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10-04-2011, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Doiunhy View Post
Has someone played this game.. Heard of it for the first time... How is it by the way.. Want to know!!
just bought the game because developer making nice games (check his/her signature), I know this time its just published by them, not developed, but anyway the game is very fun check the female body on the screenshots : )) I advice to buy this game if you're spending more then $20 per month for iphone games. If you're selecting games like 1 from thousand then.. hm.. so so... but anyway the game making you smile even from screenshots (i've not recognized there are human bodies at first time look LOL)