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  • Publisher: LMH
  • Genre: Family
  • Device: iPhone
  • Size: 14.1 MB
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Price: $1.99
  • Average User Rating: 5 (1)
App description: This is a unique game,you will control the goalkeeper to block the balls,player will shoot your goal net wildly.once the player reaches his peak of anger,you will face unprecedented challenge,you will be surrounded by flooded balls and will perfrom "fantastic dragon dance" to break the threat by spelling out the correct chinese characters on the screen.

You can pratice your writing in the mode of Practice calligraphy and you can see explanation of each character.

According to survey that people can browse chinsese website or newspaper when mastering 900 Chinese characters,we will update our vocabulary at regualr intervals,you will recognize more and more chinese characters, oriental veil is waiting for you to uncover.

Play kungfu soccer if you want to learn Chinese

dragonabyss1981's comments:

Full version Free Download Closing date :December 1

lite link(free)

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Hello! I am the desinger of kung fu soccer,So we want to do some survey about our game.

Hello eveyone i am L.

Our team has produce a game called Kung fu soccer. There is a game system in kung fu soccer called Chinese characters hand writing system. In that system you can not pass a stage unless you follow the instructions to write a Chinese character.
So this is a brand new system that no one has ever tried before. I need to collect some suggestions from you guys in order to make a better update of the later version.

Down below are the very question that confused me. Hope you guys can give us some suggestions and opinions.

1 - If you are playing a game, This game rule you to follow the instructions to hand write a total stranger foreign word or you can’t pass the stage. Will be pissed off or will you feel challenged and interesting by this system?

2 - In order to clear the stage. will you “ draw” this unknown word instead “write” this word ?(PS: Chinese characters are develop from the Hieroglyphic Oracle, many Chinese characters still have the feature of Hieroglyphic ��)

3 - It is a cool thing or stupid thing do you think, to write a total stranger foreign word in a game?

4 - Do you know who is Bruce Lee? Are you interesting in Chinese cluture?

Thank for you time to read this mail, Looking forward your replys!


If think this game is cool and fun you can download it from app store.
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I look to the top,

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Two video update!haha
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LITE version update~ free

lite link(free)

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Free Download Closing date :December 1
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Well I just download this game and I have to say its very nice!!!

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haha Yeah everyone quickly download.