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<WhatsFish> - Have fun of fishing ANYTIME

10-04-2011, 06:02 AM
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<WhatsFish> - Have fun of fishing ANYTIME

<WhatsFish> - Have fun of fishing ANYTIME

What types of Fish are hidden in the depths of the oceans?

<WhatsFish> is a new fishing game that allows you to experience the fun of arcade fishing games anytime and anywhere. Easy controls are coupled with an all-new gameplay system. Besides catching fish and earning gold coins, the game includes missions, item collection, level-up system, boss fights and special game modes. Creative and interesting game type ensure that every dive into the open ocean will be rewarded with infinite surprises.

In addition to enjoying great entertainment and hauling in awesome catches, players can also attempt missions such as “catch the fish” and “treasure map search”. At every 10 minutes or so, the game would enter a “special game” mode, where players have the opportunity to meet different types of fish in a variety of formations, allowing them to haul-in the catches they need to accomplish their mission in a single stroke. In the process of fishing, players must remember that the types and size of the fish, along with the coins they drop, would determine the types of cannons available to them to earn bigger awards. A contest requiring both might and acumen awaits your challenge.

Dive into the world beneath the oceans

High-definition gaming graphics with luscious azure seas and lapping waves give a sense of realism when players dive into a mysterious underwater castle straight from their fantasies. A legendary treasure map lies right before you, player. Now let us enjoy the enchanting world of deep sea fishing together!

By following the cute shark APP icon in <WhatsFish>, we will dive into an underwater world and uncover the treasure map hidden in its bowels! Although the map covers a wide expanse, players can use their thinking and skill to complete various objectives in each level and supply the needed catch and accomplish mission objectives to obtain the location of the region’s hidden treasure map to continue on to their next stage of fishing adventure.

Players will have the chance to acquire different amount of coins from different types of fishes, and have the opportunity to obtain “pearls” and “diamonds” from “pearl oysters” and “wheels of fortune”. Don’t underestimate the worth of these gems, for one would need to acquire these important gems to meet “boss-level creatures” and “special game challenge”! When facing “BOSS challenge” mode, players must be careful of the opponents’ artificial intelligence. These are not simple big fishes that sit around waiting to be caught. They are capable of retaliation and dodging. Players will only be able to overcome these challenges by carefully observing their movements and behavior.

A must have weapon - Cannons

New players who just entered the game will have 4 different types of cannons as they delve into the deep underwater world of fantasies. The game is not just about catching fish and completing mission objectives. Players must think of means to gather coins in order to expand their firepower. Most importantly, no matter the player fires bullets or nets from the cannon, there is a chance that “Poseidon’s Power” reward would be triggered. At this time, the player would have an opportunity to catch all the fish on screen!

The four types of cannons on the player have their respective attractive and cute design and catching functions. The gold coin cost incurred for each round fired would be different along with the pattern of the catch. Players who pursue excitement or want to catch fishes one by one can choose to fire the “bullet cannon” against various sizes and swimming behavior of the fish. These towers not only allows players to save money spent, bullets that fail to catch any fish can bounce back, allowing players another chance of catching their quarry. Players who play leisurely and want to catch whole schools of fish can choose a “net cannon”, especially when facing fish schools. The Net Cannon is your best bet at hauling a great catch!

The most ambitious players can choose to purchase the 5th kind of cannon – the double handed lobster claw. The cannon fires mighty bullets combined with the effect of the net, allowing cannons to both obtain missed rounds and to acquire large catches. With this, players will be able to take on power bosses easily.

Wheels of Fortune

This game is not just about catching schools of fish. Players can look out for any time-limited missions that appear on random at the lower left corner of the window! According to current game settings, players will have the chance to take on a small mission after firing fifty rounds. However, players must accomplish these missions within the allotted time to be rewarded with twice the amount of gold coins!

<WhatsFish> are not just giving mission challenges. Every time the player’s total catch reach a certain volume, there’s a chance that the “Wheel of Coin” or “Wheel of Fortune” would appear. Players would be given additional opportunities to churn out more game coins and even special pearls or diamonds.

Players will be able to play this game anywhere they want!
<WhatsFish>, an owner-designed and original fishing game by Chinesegamer, will include HD versions of the game for both Android and iOS, allowing players to enjoy the highest quality gaming visuals, fantasy-styled themes and settings, and cute schools of fish swimming freely along the waves. In addition to these attractive designs, the game will soon release an item-collection system with an all-new set of missions, new settings, maps and other entertaining features, providing infinite expansions to the world for you to explore!
10-26-2011, 10:25 PM
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WhatsFish 1.1.0 release for IOS

Hello again, WhatsFIsh fans!We've got an awesome new update.

1.VIP System
2.UI Designed for iPhone
3.Bug fix