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App description: It's time for @@@@ HALLOWEEN @@@@


------The game is divided into 4 modes------

@@@ ADVENTURE MODE with 21 Levels and 3 Worlds @@

The first world has 7 levels you need to finish all of them to discover WORLD NO 2(WATER WORLD) and WORLD NO 3( MAGIC ISLAND)-- this is like other top endless games

You will see a lot of amazing and funny efects with piece of HALLOWEEN
( 21 different animated BALLS, and bonuses like GHOSTS,WITCHES,SPIDERS,VAMPIRES)
DAY and NIGHT,a lot of different ellements like Singing MOON,ANGRY CLOUDS,CRAZY COW,

on ther worlds you will see a DANGEROUS SHARK,OCTOPUS,SEA WORMS,FUNNY FISH etc

@@@@ TIME MODE - HELL ,HERE is VERY HOT !!!!! @@@

Tap as many falling objects as you can in 90 seconds
Speed of falling objects increase every second

Be very fast and accurate and achieve the best record

@@@@ 15 S MODE-- Containing 30 amazing Levels @@@@

Everything on Proffesional animated backgrounds( SKY,FIRE,WATER,STORM with THUNDERS)

This is my favourite, you will not find similar in the App Store. !!!!!!!!!!!

Rule in this mode is simple.

You need drag all objects (fruits,balls,mosters) to big BALL,DEVIL,WITCH,MONSTER,FRUIT on the TOP in 15 seconds

For every remaining second you will get extra bonus score +10 points

ex if you finish a round with 11 seconds you will get 110 bonus score
if you finish a round with 1 second you will get only 10 bonus score

@@@@@@ Shooting Mode - 20 levels @@@@@

Shooting to monsters on the right side,they hiding behind magic stones,

On every Level you have 3 shots,

if you aim monster in first shoot you will get + 3000 score,in 2 nd shoot +2000 score and in 3 rd shoot only 1000 score

You can reply every level and practice until you will be a perfect

See also Board of records which save your best top score and summarize at the end

Don't forget to see below screenshots of the game

if you have some questions or suggestions please email me:


@@@@@@@ NEXT PART of PILKI FILKI @@@@ will be about World War

alek1805's comments:
I released my game to Appstore

See screenshots of the game, gameplay is excellent, game include 4 modes to play

1st mode Adventure with 21 levels

2 nd Timer mode

3 rd Dragging mode - 30 levels

4 th Shooting mode - 20 levels

10-06-2011, 03:43 AM
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Please download and leave some feedback