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App description: The acclaimed iPhone game arrives on iPad! From the Allied invasion of Normandy, to the Battle of the Bulge; fight across dozens of real-time battlefields rendered based on historical information!

(Reviews for iPhone version)
- "There is definitely a lot of strategy glory to be had here." 148Apps

- "Deceptively clever and fun." P.Doell

- "WWII junkies rejoice" 7.5 Wirebot

Issue orders through a simple touch and drag system. Watch your commands be carried out in real-time.

A light and casual wargame, offering a simple balance of historical battles with gameplay that can be enjoyed in 5-10min sessions.

This is a game of maneuvering, position your units on the enemy flank and break their morale, forcing them to retreat.

The AI system will try to out-flank, lure, and pressure your units. It never does the same thing twice!

All new missions on larger maps!
Road and River Movement!
Improved scoring and UI.

Keep track of achievements and player rankings.

Air support is now available in many missions. Call in strikes to support your advance through Normandy!

Multiple unit types, Armor, Infantry, Para, and more!
Cities and bridges can be fortified.
Historical mission facts.
Original Soundtrack by Alec Harrison.

Cromwell's comments:

I got it today and will play some rounds right now!
10-05-2011, 06:08 PM
Joined: Oct 2009
Posts: 293
Looking forward to hearing some opinions, as this looks intriguing.
10-05-2011, 06:58 PM
Joined: Jun 2009
Location: Iceland
Posts: 278
I own both the iPhone and HD version. I don't won't to sound too critical as I think this game has a lot of promise but it nevertheless has some serious flaws which hopefully can be addressed in future updates:

- Geography plays only a small part in the gameplay(roads and rivers) and the map itself is too blurry to be used.

-Cities lack labels. The description of each mission talks about specific towns and cities but in the game you don't know where they are. At the start of each mission you really don't know what you are meant to do. In fact the target of each and every mission is to route every single enemy unit. Why not hold city or capture a city?

- Unit graphics are badly designed. Using the actual division symbols for gameplay would fit the game much better than placing the unit type ontop of an arrow. The direction of the arrow doesn't tell you anything about the unit.

- Strength of unit is displayed as numbers from 0 - c.a. 700. What does that number stand for? A much better option would be the number of men and tanks left in the division.

- Too few units in each mission. Having only control of 4-5 units restricts your strategic options.

- Game speed can not be adjusted, the player should be able to slow down the pace of the game. Currently the game is almost tactical instead of strategic.

As I said though I think the game has a lot of potential but I wanted to point out what I perceive as flaws to be addressed.

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