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Old 10-10-2011, 01:48 PM
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Default Aiko Island by IceFlame [Full and Lite now available]

Currently available in - Globally!!!

Hey Touch Arcade People!

We are proud to announce our first title 'Aiko Island'. Were a two man indie development studio from England.

Please checkout are website,
Follow us on twitter
Like us on facebook.

Pop, drop and roll! On Aiko Island, think before you tap as you play this addictive block-popping, cookie-dropping, hit puzzle game! Use your wits and skill to pop blocks, destroy the evil Red Aiko, and return the cookies to the friendly Blue Aiko. Be careful not to lose any Blue Aiko in the process! Aiko Island features hours of simple yet addictive challenging physics-based puzzles spread over the exotic Aiko Island. Earn cookies for your performance on each level that you can use to progress and unlock future levels.

Enjoy the original musical score and animated cut scenes while you bring down the troublesome Red Aiko using ropes, cannons, explosions, and much more. Unlock new areas by collecting cookies on your way and choose your own path through Aiko Island. Each of the 125 Levels will test your logic, skill and daring as you aim to defeat the Red Aiko as fast and efficiently as possible.
  • 125 intuitive physics-based puzzles, each with a unique challenge!
  • Easy to play, with simple one-touch controls.
  • Hours of gameplay with hugely addictive replay value
  • Amazing Retina Graphic
  • Musical score written by the Award winning composer Sean Beeson
  • Full Game Center/Openfeint integration
  • Compete with friends on global speed run leader boards
  • Color Blind/High Contrast Mode
  • Many more levels to come!


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Old 10-10-2011, 02:10 PM
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Promo codes dropping on facebook!!!

Just 'like' the IceFlameGames page and a post a comment to enter!
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Old 10-10-2011, 02:11 PM
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Haha I like the slow motion bit in the trailer! Looks like a good game to give the brain a mind workout, like Arnie pumping up his biceps
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Old 10-10-2011, 03:04 PM
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Looks interesting this, not overly cute, more charming and well drawn, i think ill check this out. how much gameplay do you recon is in the 120 levels?
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Old 10-10-2011, 04:54 PM
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liked and post as Massimo Saraconi...

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Old 10-10-2011, 04:58 PM
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Liked and Commented...
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Old 10-10-2011, 07:02 PM
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I was lucky enough to try Aiko Island before it releases in a few hours, and I want to make it extremely clear that I have neither been paid to say this, nor am I being held at gunpoint:

There are only a handful of "casual" games on the App Store that deliver on every single front. SPY mouse and Gesundheit! come to mind immediately. Not only do they offer (what has almost become a fad) "addictive" gameplay...they also manage to stand above an overly crowded crowd (and you'll know what I mean if you've played either of those games) in terms of polish and presentation. They literally make you wonder just why someone gave two shits to make a quick "pick up 'n' play" game feel impressive.

That's where Aiko Island comes into play. You watch the videos and say to yourself "Didn't Tiki Totems do this years ago?" Well, the videos don't do this justice AT ALL. Yeah, sure...the whole "drop something, have something land safely" thing has been done before (mind you, I'm saying this a few levels in and must point out that there are apparently quite a few unique gameplay mechanics that keep the game fresh...none of which I have even seen yet), but as far as I'm concerned, Aiko Island stands above the crowd in every single way possible and has everything it takes to climb up those charts and get into the Top 10 in a matter of days, if not hours.

Yes, it's cute...but like Blue Lip cobra said, it's not overly cute. It certainly isn't "Air Penguin cute" where even though you looked like this (:3) the music just wanted you to rip your ears off. The music in Aiko Island is fan-****ing-tastic and IceFlame have every right in the world to mention that in their app description. Instead of the same adorable ear-bludgeoning loop, there's around 20 minutes of music in the game.

I'm not reviewing the game, so I'm pretty much done, but I just wanna say that the retina graphics shine with some awesome (and cute) animations and so much attention has been paid to so many details, literally everywhere in the game. The scrollable, zoom-able menus look fantastic and the whole game just feels like...well, it kinda reminds of World of Goo in a way. In fact, if Aiko Island = World of Goo, then the entire package makes Angry Birds feel like iBlast Moki 1 in comparison to the second one. >_>

Why have I been sitting here for the last ****-knows-how-long writing up about a game that nobody seems to give a shit about when Siegecraft and Warm Gun are coming out later? Well, precisely that! Maybe this "write-up" will garner Aiko Island some attention and it won't be left in the dust that tonight's other releases are bound to make. This could easily sell for $2.99...1 buck is NOTHING. Seriously, BUY.THIS.GAME.
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Old 10-10-2011, 07:20 PM
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I'm buying.
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Old 10-10-2011, 07:47 PM
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Liked and commented
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Old 10-10-2011, 08:56 PM
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Honestly completely shocked! Thank you so much!

This is exactly why we want to make games. We are a two man team and have worked solid for the past 9 months on this game to bring it to the highest level of polish.

We have made this game with the main aim of creating something quality and entertaining that would gain critical acclaim from the people who play it. So if we can succeed in doing this and getting responses like yours we are incredibly happy. We are really proud of Aiko and you have made our night!

So Yeah! Really cool! Glad you’re enjoying our game. It really does mean a lot!

Thank you!
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