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App description: Age of Monsters is OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day! Download the Game Channel app to get a FREE game every day!

This is the ULTIMATE Rock Paper Scissor game. Don't believe us? Check out what people (and not just ones we've bribed!) are saying about us:

"The most epic round of paper rock scissors ever committed to iOS" - Kotaku

"Absolutely beautiful game...It's a pleasure to behold" - Joystiq

"Age of Monsters is worth a download, as the art and style really push this simple game further than it would otherwise go." - TUAW

"The game looks great, its simple, and the matches are satisfying." - 148apps.com

"Excellent artwork and online multiplayer, so give it a try!" - Slidetoplay.com

"I think Massive Joe Studios is going to surprise a lot of people with Age of Monsters Rock Paper Scissors style." - Softonic

"There was an amazing amount of effort that went into Age of Monsters, and it shows. The game looks amazing, and its hard to believe that its just rock, paper, scissors at its core. " - Gamerfront.net

Always bet on ROCK! - Seth Green, Robot Chicken

It's like Michael Bay and H.P. Lovecraft had a baby. A very disturbing but entertaining baby who lives inside your iPhone. - John August, writer Go, Big Fish

"This app is the perfect fix until Hollywood comes out with a big-budget Rock, Paper, Scissors movie" - Jordan Mechner, Creator Prince of Persia, Karateka

From the mind of Jeff Matsuda, the Emmy Award winning Producer and Creative Director of The Batman cartoon, and his team at Massive Joe Studios, AOM RPS is the Rock Paper Scissors game to end ALL Rock Paper Scissor games.

Choose from a world of iconic monsters and send a rock paper scissors challenge to your friend. Talk some smack, or make it even more interesting by putting something on the line. Use your OpenFeint ID, Facebook, or Twitter to connect with all your other friends. Invite new friends via email or SMS.

-Choose from the following eight monsters: zombie, killer robot, ghost, alien, Yeti, evil twins, storm monster, and Gizzard
-Play against your friends
-Practice in training mode
-Talk smack
-Confident in your skills? Then make it interesting and put something on the line!

Whether you need to decide whos paying for dinner, who gets to ask Katie Robins out on a date, or just simply to remind your friend who the superior human being is, AOM RPS is your game.

Echoseven's comments:

10-17-2011, 05:32 AM
Joined: Jan 2011
Location: Forge World
Posts: 6,307
Woah looks like the Prettiest game of rock/paper/scissors ever. I'll pick this up tonight when it hits the uk store.
10-17-2011, 02:36 PM
Joined: Jul 2011
Location: The red Skittle
Posts: 5,813
Does anyone have impressions to share? I have no space left to check it out myself...

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10-17-2011, 03:47 PM
Joined: Feb 2009
Posts: 6,900
Hopefully the dev makes enough money from this to make a real game next year.

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