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11-09-2011, 09:52 AM
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The story ends abruptly because that is not the end! It will continue in the next major update.

As for achievements... I still seem to be missing a few, but I haven't played that much after the update.

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11-16-2011, 10:33 AM
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New update out! Fixes resources issues, achievements, and a few other random issues. Hell yes.

11-16-2011, 11:18 AM
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More story in update? I hope.......if not, major letdown.

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11-30-2011, 09:04 AM
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What exactly does increased levels give in Galaxy Pirate Adventure?

When I go up in levels in Galaxy Pirate Adventure, I don't see any changes in my character. What exactly does leveling accomplish?

Also, should I fill up third ship with a fighting ship? I don't see any benefit since only one ship fights.

Final question: How do I know that enemy will be shooting at me in advance so I can activate shield.

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11-30-2011, 09:33 AM
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1. I dunno
2. I dunno
3. It'll say 'caution' on the screen... =oP

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11-30-2011, 10:43 AM
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1. Can't remember exactly. Most of the progression in the game (access to better ships, etc) is determined more by where you are, and how much money/parts you have.
2. Yes, the AI controls your other 2 ships. Having more than one fighting ship will make your life a lot easier once you're up to fighting 3x cruisers, etc. Even just equipping a laser on a frigate will help.
3. There's a warning indicator that flashes on your screen when you're about to receive incoming fire. That's when you use your shields.

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12-01-2011, 08:16 PM
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So no one knows what leveling does?

So no one knows what leveling does?
02-17-2012, 11:26 AM
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Game Impressions

First of all, thank you Echoseven for the guide thing. It was really nice of you to take the time.

My Impression of the game is fairly positive, the closest Ios game I would compare this to is probably warpgate but it plays differently in terms of travel and combat a bit.

I have also played the heck out of Infinite space for the DS, one of my favorite games thus far for the whole space fleet pirate/rouge traveling the universe. The story elements in this game are much weaker but still nice, I wish to point out that the ingame engine does a great job of sweeping in and out for those very eye catching story ships that gives it a little cinematic feel.

Both the graphics and sound are very good for an Ipad game, it stutters slightly now and again but overall the performance is very good and I have only crashed the program a few times while playing the game for at least 30 hours now.

Combat is a neat mechanic, it basicly uses a reaction system to counter enemy attacks and strike the enemy when they are vunrable. While the Ai ships could use some stances or something like that they perform well and are generaly helpful. the movement system is much like infinite space with getting out of range of certain attacks while waiting for your next hail of laser fire to be ready.

The difficulty of the game varies a bit so I can see why some are frustrated. though over all it requires just a bit of stragety to keep some ships defences up as they can't shoot with shields up like you.

I found the trading in the game to be somewhat useless, Its good early on and the golden routes are nice but the most you can make in a run is about 6.8 million even though you can easily carry way more then the 15k of goods later in the game the planet just doesn't have enough to carry. The golden routes are also sort of random so you won't be chain hopping golden routes from one to another, you will go to one system, buy, sell at another far off station then leave that system for the closest golden route and go from there.

Once you get a cruiser though missions can pay like 11 million a go, so trading is somewhat less attractive because you also have to wait for stock to regenerate at a planet.

You can customize your ship just like in infinite space but since there are a limited number of mods you won't really have to make any tough choices later on, if you have 6 slots you can mount pretty much everything. CPU usage doesn't seem to be a problem either. So while this is limited at the moment its still a nice feature.

I found the game to be a little grindy but its really not so bad and I enjoy collecting ships, min/maxing my crew and the ships in my fleet. I'm still going to play it further to get the really super awesome ship just because.

Some game tips for those that are having trouble figuring out things:
1. every group of stations belongs to a system, it won't show this on the map but when you travel it shows you what system you are in.
2. each system has a collection of factorys. 1 will have the space ships you can buy, and the others will have weapons or mods.
3. Always recruit people at each planet, its a pain to recreate if you already have your slots filled but later on you will need as many crew as you can for your big ships.
4. Don't be too aggressive in combat, do fly bys with shields up and use your shield breakers to help your AI ships destroy targets.
5. Don't worry to much about robbery missions. they can save you allot of money by building ships but most of the materials are usually available on the planet you build your ship in under the market. So if you have the money, just buy the amount you need.
6. Lasers pack the punch but missiles can be used defensively, fire them at targets to keep their shields up and their guns off you so you can save power by not keeping your shields up.

Keep up the good work, Feel free to borrow as much from infinite space as you like. that game was awesome. Gave a 5 star rating of it on the IOS review. for 99 cents it was a great deal and a decent deal at 5 bucks if you like these types of games.

Galaxy on fire has a bit more polish and action but if you love making a space fleet and tooling around there is plenty of that and the combat for me was interesting and challenging, sometimes a bit too much but it just encouraged me to get out there and find better stuff to beat them with.

* A little self plug, some thoughts on infinite space in my xfire blog if your interested in that too: http://www.xfire.com/blog/civilunit/1780539/

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12-10-2012, 06:23 AM
wow i've never seen a more unbalanced game then this before...