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App description: Orbital Madness is such a great game! Try to hit a tiny little ball with an orbiting paddle as many times as you can. Watch out you might get out of orbit if your timing is off, which means game over for you. Listen to the great music while playing Orbital Madness custom track made for the game.

Note: This game is very difficult. Don't leave bad reviews because you are terrible at it. We are not at fault for your terrible hand eye coordination. If you can't get over 38, keep playing. If you can get over 38, keep playing. Don't ever stop.

This game really is madness. It seems that when you are orbiting the ball it can get out of hand fast. The madness increases the longer you play. Once you get to about 50 the madness is quite possible unbearable.

Trying to beat your friends can be a lot of fun. A lot of the time you will be getting close to beating your friend and then you mess up.

Honest people's thoughts:
Random Guy 1: "If I were stranded on an Island I would bring this game with me."
Random Guy 2 to his friends: "Play. Play. Play!"
Random Guy 3: "How come I didn't find this sooner?!"
Random Guy 4: "Now this game is going to take up my entire day! Crap...."
Random Guy 5: "I forgot to pick up the kids because of this game..."

llbadll's comments:
New to the forums although stalking for some time. New developer as well.

I have a new app now available on itunes that is called Orbital Madness. I was trying a new take on a classic atari pong style game. I wanted it to be very retro and I am pretty happy with the results. In this game you are an orbiting paddle that has to keep the ball on screen for as long as you can. Download it for free to check it out.