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Disc Golf To Go - casual disc golf arcade/puzzler [WIP/Devlog]

12-21-2016, 06:23 AM
Disc Golf To Go - casual disc golf arcade/puzzler [WIP/Devlog]

DISC GOLF TO GO from TI Studios:
Hi everyone, my name is Kelsey and I am a full time high school teacher and part-time solo indie game dev. I’m currently working on a new mobile disc golf game called Disc Golf To Go. This will be my first full game, and I'm pretty excited with how it's shapping up.

There's still a lot of work to do, but the basics are all there. I’m planning to have Disc Golf To Go be a fully featured disc golf game;
  • - multiple courses and levels
  • - choosing the right disc for each shot
  • - and tons of other fun features.

I hope to have this done by spring/summer 2017. Follow this thread or my twitter to watch the development progress. https://twitter.com/TIStudiosKels

Here's a quick video showing the game in action so far.

And some images:

Hobby dev making Disc Golf To Go. Follow Development on Twitter: @TIStudiosKels
12-21-2016, 11:46 AM
Cool man, I'll follow on Twitter. Looks good 👌
Yesterday, 06:50 AM
Hey everyone, I've been finishing up some new features and finally have some neat stuff to show off. Woohoo! If you are scrolling for gifs, I've got some new ones below, but I also wanted to share some of my design thoughts.

One of the things I love the most about disc golf is how each disc is engineered to fly a certain way. If you arenít familiar, in real Disc Golf you donít play with just a normal Frisbee that flies straight. Disc golf discs are made of a harder plastic, vary in weight, and are manufactured to fly in specific ways.

As a kid this made each disc seem extra special, like they were made from magical, alien technology. I remember when my dad bought a handful of new discs for us to use. He went through them, explaining how this one would curve to the left, this one was good for short range, and the drivers were made to fly long and straight. They had different names too, Archangel, Raptor, Eclipse, Eagle. You can imagine how as an 8yr old boy I just ate it up.

And like in traditional golf, disc golfers carry around a bag filled with discs, and just like your clubs in ball-golf, you can switch your disc with each shot you take. Need to fade left? Grab a FIREBIRD. Need to go straight then fade right? Use an ARCHANGEL.

This same principal will apply in Disc Golf To Go. You'll have to choose the right discs for each level. Recently I finished the "choose your disc" feature of the game. You can only carry so many discs at a time, so thinking about which discs will be the best for each level is an important part of the game. Take a look:

And with the right disc, sweet shots are possible.

Hobby dev making Disc Golf To Go. Follow Development on Twitter: @TIStudiosKels