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Old 10-26-2011, 06:55 AM
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Default TRIVIAL PURSUIT Master Edition for iPad By Electronic Arts

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Old 10-28-2011, 03:52 AM
dannythefool dannythefool is offline
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This is quite bad.

The questions are all very easy, and even when the question itself isn't too obvious, two of the three answers will typically be something ridiculous that makes it perfectly clear which one is the correct one. You can buy additional question packs as IAPs, but these are equally trivial. On top of that, in English, the language is on high school level and so are the jokes (e.g. "Who is that woman that sounds like she is complaining" (answer: Mona Lisa)), and in German, it's also full of grammatical errors (especially wrong or missing capitalization, articles in the middle of a sentence will be capitalized, while words that begin a sentence will randomly be capitalized or not). I didn't try the other languages, I actually can read more than these two, but couldn't bear playing the game again.

Also notice that they even misspelled the trademark "TRIVIAL PUSUIT" in the app store seller field, and notice that the example questions on the US app store description also contain several instances of bad capitalization: "toothbrush" is a name in this context and should be "Toothbrush", "Tooth Enamel" is not one and should be "Tooth enamel" and so on. They are not all factually correct either: Vatican City is of course not the world's least populated city; even if it only has just above 800 inhabitants, there are cities with less. It may be the least populated country, depending on how trustworthy the estimates for Niue and Tokelau are, both said to have just over 1000. Do note that the capital of Niue, Alofi, has less inhabitants than Vatican City, just below 600, and is actually the smallest national capital city (but not the smallest city) as far as I know.

App store reviews keep mentioning crashes both on the US and the German store. It did not crash on my iPad 1, and it didn't crash on my wife's iPad 2 (both on iOS 5). Even so, starting a WiFi multiplayer game took a lot of restarting the app on both devices until they could see each other. Sometimes, only one device could see the other but not the other way around.

Special characters aren't handled correctly in player names (e.g. German umlauts). In some cases you get the typical utf8 rendered as if it were latin1 garbage, in some others the name is cut off. In some cases, funny enough, it actually works.

The board, pieces and dice are rendered in 3D. The board reflects the dice, I think unnecessarily so, all in all giving it a look of cheap plastic, while the dice texture is blurred. The camera likes to jump around, often in a way that moves the board outside of the visible area, and the board also auto-rotates so at least I lose track of were everything is.

WiFi multiplayer suffers from hangs, where you have to wait until the other iPad notices what's been happening. Sometimes this means both iPads think it's nobody's turn in particular for a few minutes until one finally processes all the questions and answers the other player has been playing. These hangs can take a while, and the game can not be paused or quit when it happens, as only the active player can pause the game, and by doing that allow others to quit it.

Apart from the technical difficulties and the terribly easy questions, there is nothing in this game that shows that they thought about bringing this classic board game to a digital format. In single player, you answer multiple choice questions, and in between you wait for the AI that only rolls the die and moves but doesn't actually answer questions (you can skip, though). In multiplayer, you simply take turns answering questions. There is no social element to it. If you know the board game, you know that a large part of the fun is reading the questions to each other, but this iPad implementation feels like you aren't playing with each other but merely next to each other. I had more fun playing the launch version of YDKJ with my wife and that was purely a single player game.

By the way, you can customize your profile by setting your name (with the limitation that special characters will break it in some places, see above), picking a profile picture (out of a small number of badly drawn ones), and choosing your favourite colour. During a multiplayer game, however, player colours appear to be assigned just in the order of joining the game, i.e. the host seems to get light blue, the first joining player seems to get pink, and so on, at least in every game my wife and I have played.

There is the new "pursuit mode" that is said to be even more fast paced than a game where you know the answer to each question within 1 second is anyway. However, in classic mode, none of the extended rules from later versions of the board game are implemented. You only get the original, basic rules, you can set a timeout or not (the slider for that is not actually a slider though, it only looks like one, you have to tap the value you want to set), and you can set it to hand out wedges on every normal field as well (i.e. the "make children enjoy this too" rule in the board game), and that's it.

All in all this is a very sloppy implementation of the board game with particularly bad questions and a lot of the fun that is the original board game removed. There is no innovation in this title. I have played better implementations of Trivial Pursuit on Java cellphones. This one is one to stay away from as far as possible, especially if you like Trivial Pursuit.
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Old 12-28-2013, 01:49 AM
Erik Veland Erik Veland is offline
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Is this game abandonware? Not updated since 2011. No retina graphics. No Australian questions (We get UK sports and geography questions). What a waste of an amazing IP.
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