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iPhone: Crystal Mine - get it before it goes

05-03-2009, 04:57 AM
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Crystal Mine - get it before it goes

Guaranteed disappearance from the store.

Dig the dirt, collect the gems and avoid the rocks (boulders) sound familiar?

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05-03-2009, 05:12 AM
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I wouldn't bother with it, the controls are crap.

05-03-2009, 05:18 AM
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i agree, this has been rushed out to beat boulderdash am sure (although free which is nice) and completely forgotten to add the controls! wtf

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05-03-2009, 05:30 AM
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05-03-2009, 05:41 AM
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The controls aren't so bad. The jerky scrolling could have been improved as could the game level structure. But it's free and I've downloaded worse.
05-03-2009, 06:33 AM
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The menu screen is a mess of confusion. It took me a while to figure out what I was suppose to do to start a game.

The movement isn't so bad, imo.
The instructions regarding the controls appear for about 1-1.5 seconds at the start of the app and disappears before you can finish reading it.

touch to fire
hold and move to snap
hold 5 seconds to lay (a dynamite?) "


Noisy game. The monsters' constant electronic "yamyamyam" can drive a person crazy.

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05-03-2009, 08:23 AM
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Thanks for info - boulderdash-like games are great... mostly...
05-03-2009, 08:58 AM
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The jerky scrolling on this one makes it pretty much unplayable imho... It hurts my eyes too much!

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05-03-2009, 11:13 AM
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This game is not Like Boulder Dash.. It IS Boulder Dash (and all of it's sequels)! It looks exactly like I remember it from the C-64. Same levels, same jerky scrolling and even the way you select levels (by walking into them in the menu and not by touching them) is the same. Not a bad port at all imo. Controld take a little getting used to (you touch the corners and sides of your iDevice to move) but it all seems to work well.
05-03-2009, 12:44 PM
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This is actually quite a good version of Boulder Dash. The controls take a while to get used to but they work well after a while. Here is a screen shot of the controls:

Here are some more screenshots:

I also found this guide on the developers website which includes a history of the game and explains the controls. It also says that this iPhone version is based on David Tritscher's software for X11 engine and has 50,000+ levels (not sure about that though).


Many years ago (1982) a popular and much loved game appeared at the arcades, called Dig Dug...

A year later a more challenging game appeared for the Commodore 64, known as Boulder Dash...

And soon after for the BBC Micro called Repton...

A few years later (1987) an even more popular game appeared on the Amiga known as Emerald Mine, introducing elements never seen before...

The premise of all these games since Boulder Dash is extremely easy: Solve puzzles by moving around, collecting gems if any, avoiding falling rocks and the bad guys.

And these computer games made it easy for players to develop maps and creatures for the games and exchange them with others. And for the next two decades a large number of people worked on games and maps to continue the tradition of these games. The biggest collection of work being done by the members of the Emerald Mine Club.

Now, a little more than two decades later the same type of games and up to the 50,000 levels made since are coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch. A free and challenging game everyone should play.

Credits & Historical Facts

* Dig Dug was was developed by an uncredited team.
* Boulder Dash was created by Peter Liepa and Chris Gray.
* Repton was created by Dan Thomson and Andy Kaluzniacki.
* Emerald Mine was created by Klaus Heinz and Volker Wertich.
* There are many games available similar to these games for PC and portable devices based on a few popular engines. This iPhone version is based on David Tritscher's software for X11 engine.
* The 50,000+ levels were created by members of the Emerald Mine Club and others; fans of Repton, Boulder Dash, The Survivors, Earth Shaker, Emerald Mine, Rox, and hundreds of similar games.

How to Play

When you start the game you're on the menu screen which lets you perform these actions:

* RESUME LAST LEVEL - Go back to the game if you touched "MENU" and exited.
* RESTART CURRENT LEVEL - Restarts the level you're playing. Use this if you make a move you regret and want to restart.
* GOTO NEXT LEVEL - This allows you to skip the current level and go to the next level. You have to finish levels before you can proceed past them.
* GOTO HIGHEST LEVEL - This allows you to skip to the last level you can go to.
* Or select a new cave to go to that cave.

Basic Controls

The controls are on the sides of the screen and the fire is at the center.

UP - Touch upper left or upper right corners.
DOWN - Touch lower left or lowet right corners.
LEFT - Touch left side.
RIGHT - Touch right side.
SNAP - Hold fire and touch one of the directions to SNAP in that direction.
DYNAMITE - Hold fire for five seconds to drop a dynamite. (You know when happens when you hear the ticking or see the number of dynamites go down by one)

Advanced Controls

A lot of though has gone into design of the controls. The initial idea was to have a Frankenstein 3D touchpad but after many trial runs the current controls were designed. Here are a few tips that will help you in specific situations:

Moving One Step - Quick touching any of the directions will move you exactly one step in that direction. Use quick touching for percise moves.
Moving - Holding down the directions will move you until you release or change direction.
Changing Movement - You can quickly switch from your current movement to another by activating the new movement. For example if you want to run down and then right quickly, start moving down and then glide your hand to the right position and the character will change directions without stopping. Also the application allows for new touches to override older ones so for example you could run right and touch left to start moving left before releasing the right touch. With this, you can go from any direction to any direction without any stopage.

New Players

If you're new to this game, start by playing the 1st cave. Play each level before moving on to the next one. The levels do a great job introducing you to the elements of the games, the bad guys, and so on. Just move around, collect gems until the gem counter reaches zero and exit the level via the gate. You will have to finish each level before the time runs out and bear in mind that emeralds count as 1 gem point and diamonds as 3. But do read the FAQ below.

Veteran Players

If you're a veteran player then you should be able to start without any help. But do read the quirks below:

p.s. And yes, it really has been 20+ years since they came out for C=64 and the Amiga. Gulp!

QuirksWhen a level ends and you exit via the gate, the timer does still run. Make sure you press fire (touch middle of screen) to exit or you can still lose.


* Controls
o Touchpad - A touchpad did not work well but since each of the controls is almost a touchpad, allowing you to move in three directions, we're thinking on making them full touchpads. If you have any good ideas please give them in the forum.
o Tilt, follow the finger, etc - Tilt is not suitable at all. Following the finger, auto-avoiding objects, etc even if they worked would just take away all the fun.
* Levels - The levels ramp up hard in difficulty. They usually take 1 to 3 minutes and it is quite common to take many many attempts to complete them. We strongly urge you to complete levels before moving on. The game currently saves your stats in each level for future presentation. And it is just more fun. Bear in mind, to keep the playing exerience as close as the Emerald Mine Club folks intended, these changes were made: The game displays a few more tiles widthwise and a few less heightwise. This seems to have to adverse affect on game play but should it not be the case we might black out the left and right most areas of the game in the future to reduce the game area. Also the game clock is slowed down a few percentage points. If you run into any issues or problems please email or post in the forum!
* Help - A forum is available for game discussion. When you enter the forum while playing a level, one of the discussions will be specific to that level & map. Please do not enter the discussion unless you're ready for hints or spoilers (if any posted by other users) and please mark your postings if they contain any major spoilers on the trickier levels.

To be continued & with regards to my fellow players.
Sorry for the long quote but I found it hard to read on the website with such large font and thought it would be good to have it in this thread.

Overall everyone should pick up this game quick while it's free!

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