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Wrong Color = Spikes - ios Retro arcade game

06-25-2015, 01:05 PM
Wrong Color = Spikes - ios Retro arcade game

I'm new to the forum but have heard good things. I just launched a new app called Wrong Color = Spikes to ios FREE here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wrong-color-spikes/id1002895753?ls=1&mt=8

The game is a mash up of several popular new and old apps. It will probably remind most people of Don't Touch the Spikes, but their are several other gameplay mechanics that make it unique and challenging. You control and flapping dot that changes between three colors (red, blue,and yellow). You must guide the dot to the matching colored wall tile(this will score you a point). If you hit the wrong color wall tile a spike will pop up where you touched. This spike does not kill you initially but limits the number of wall tiles you have going forward(which could come back to haunt you later on!). There are also two Dot Shooters and the bottom and top of the screen. They randomly launch red, yellow, and blue mini dots. The mini dots bounce back and forth causing you to master the flappy arts to weave between them. If you hit a matching color mini dot you get 2 points and that dot disappears. But if you hit the wrong color mini dot its game over. Check out the game and be sure to be logged into GameCenter to see where you rank.

Gameplay video